10 Sugar Dating Conversation Starters

All new Sugar Babies are pondering the question of how to begin a conversation with a new Sugar Daddy. In some cases more than finding a traditional partner, maintaining a Sugar Daddy relationship takes effort and time.

You must begin to understand if you truly fit the description of who he is looking for and in order to be able to understand that you must really read his profile. It is, likewise, important to engage only in mutually beneficial relationships with people you would actually be interested in, or else there will be no initial interest and the discussion will go nowhere.

One of the most powerful methods to get your potential Sugar Daddy to talk is to make him talk about himself. As soon as you make your Sugar Daddy comfy you will have the conversation going in no time.

Whether you are talking on the phone, messaging on the site, or texting, you should constantly keep him desiring more and leave the discussion on a high note. You, also, have to keep the discussion light hearted and fun. Do not bring up anything about the allowance in the first exchanges. Flirt instead, in order to make him desire to understand you much better.

If you re still not sure where to begin, here are 10 sugar dating discussion beginners:

His Background

Take your time to get to understand the genuine guy, not just the possible Sugar Daddy, that is behind the messages, when he has caught your attention. These very first exchanges could be the best opportunity to find out about where he originated from, his lifestyle, his interests, and his profession. Every male likes talking about himself, and often won’t have much time to do so.  The more you find out the more you can tailor your questions to his interests and encourage him to talk more.

His Career

Of course, your POT Sugar Daddy has worked hard in order to get where he is today. Ask what his favorite part is about his job or his working day; why he chose this profession; what he wished he’d known prior to picking it; or where he wants to go from here.

His Hobbies

Everyone has specific hobbies and interests, and they can say much about that specific individual. A pastime can really define a Sugar Baby, since this is how they decide to spend their leisure time. Aside from outright asking, What are your hobbies? or What do you carry out in your freetime? Attempt to ask more particular things about the pastime. If he likes golf, you might inquire how or when he started discovering how to play; where are his favorite courses; or if he’s had any particularly intriguing or amusing experiences on the green.

Current Events

Knowing about current noteworthy events can help you start a conversation, in addition to, knowing each other better. By which current events he is most informed on, you can, also, learn more about what your possible Sugar Daddy is into and exactly what topics are very important to him. You might, likewise, find out which subjects should be avoided.  Generally, politics and religion should be avoided, unless you are sure you are in agreement or the discussion/argument is enjoyable for both of you.

Your Background

When you are confident that he has more than a passing interest in you, expose more than your website profile does. You may discuss your hobbies, where you’re from, and anything memorable and fun. Motivate him to ask you questions about yourself, perhaps even make a game of it, like 20 Questions, to determine something about his brand-new Sugar Baby.

Your Goals

Sharing your goals with your wealthy Sugar Daddy could be a good discussion starter. He may even have the best connections to assist in making your objectives materialize. Sharing your hopes and dreams with somebody can be a bonding moment.  He will likely be able to advise you on some ways that you can get started and clue you in about things that you should avoid doing or that would be a mistake.


It is always an excellent idea to talk about travel with a Sugar Daddy. You can ask your Sugar Daddy date whether he travels for his job or if he takes pleasure in travel.  Ask him exactly what are his favorite locations, where he wants to visit, and where he has been most recently. You could daydream together about prospective places to visit together, too.


Many individuals are passionate pet owners, who take pleasure in having pets or just have a fondness for animals of all kinds. Asking him if he likes animals might make an excellent discussion starter. You might ask about favorite family pets when he was a kid or if your Sugar Daddy likes a specific animal, you could inquire about particular breeds or types.  If he has philanthropic leanings, perhaps he donates to an animal organization like a local humane society or an international organization like the World Wildlife Federation.


Everybody has their preferred foods, from general likes such as beef vs chicken, Italian vs. Chinese, or even more distinct preferences such as Japanese vs Chinese vs Korean. Share your own and ask your POT SD about his favorites.  This can lead to date ideas for new places to try out together or old favorites to introduce to each other.

Favorite Forms of Entertainment

Find out what is his preferred forms of entertainment.  These are often different from hobbies, where one is an active participant, while forms of entertainment are often more passive, like listening to music, watching a theater production, going to a museum, watching movies, or documentaries,  This is a simple method to begin a conversation and through exactly what they like in regards to entertainment you can learn a lot about an individual. Understanding the entertainment he is into will, also, provide you some insights into what sort of activities you may expect to do his Sugar Baby. Think about more detailed questions to ask about his forms of entertainment, like if he likes music you might inquire about a specific style, artist, shows or concerts he’s been to, etc.

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