6 Great Rules of Thumb for Sugar Babies (From Veteran Babies Who’ve Been There)

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Although making the transition from traditional living to life in the sugar bowl generally comes pretty easily to women who are natural sugar babies, there’s still a fine art to getting things exactly right. Here are some good ground rules to keep in mind as cited by long-time sugar babies who’ve been around the block and seen it all.

  • Craft an identity and stick to it.

Great sugar babies who’ve been successful at getting everything they want out of the sugar dating experience understand how important it is to figure out what their dating identity is sooner rather than later. Are you the sporty girl next door type or the five-alarm vixen? Are you an innocent daddy’s girl or an exotic woman of the world? Pick an identity that fits who you really are, build profiles that show it off, and stick to that identity as the connections you build transition into real life.

  • Be up front and honest.

Successful sugar babies know there’s a time and a place for being mysterious. That time and place is not when you’re deciding on the details of your mutually beneficial arrangement, discussing money, or communicating your expectations. Sugar daddies are busy men. They don’t have the time or inclination to play games, so it’s important for a sugar baby to be straightforward when communicating what she wants, expects, needs, or can offer. Good sugar babies are comfortable saying what they really mean and asking for what they actually want, confident in the knowledge that they’ll get it.

  • Never stray from your agreement.

Good sugar daddies are men of their word, and they expect their babies to be equally forthright. Once you and your daddy have agreed to enter into an arrangement and have settled on what the terms are going to be, it’s important to hold up your end of the bargain. Don’t show up late to dates or cancel plans you’ve made with a sugar daddy, but be flexible (within reason) with him. If at any point, the allowance, schedule, or arrangement terms you’ve agreed to aren’t working for you anymore, it’s important to bring it back up for discussion in a mature, honest way.

  • Never get too comfortable around your daddy.

Anyone who’s had many traditional relationships is familiar with the way a partner might settle in and get way too comfortable once you’ve been together a few months. Grooming standards start to slide. The sweet, charming demeanor you fell in love with starts to show a few cracks. Before you know it, you’re with a partner who’s completely let themselves go. There’s no place for that in a sugar baby’s conduct within her relationships. She always looks her best and is her the sweetest, most pleasant version of herself at all times. She knows that a sugar baby isn’t just any girlfriend. She’s a top-tier companion that her daddy can be proud to be with on every level.

  • Always practice discretion.

Sugar daddies are affluent, powerful, important men. Most are going to be extremely reputation-conscious, and they don’t want literally anyone and everyone knowing their personal business. That’s why good sugar babies always know to be pristinely discreet. Don’t tell other people the details of what your relationship entails or freely post pictures of the two of you together all over your social media pages. Some sugar daddies are really lenient when it comes to that sort of thing, but until you’re actually given a reason to think that of your daddy, err on the side of caution.

  • Be sensible and practical.

While it’s not unheard of for a given sugar relationship to bloom into a happily ever after, most sugar arrangements are relatively short term, so it’s important to keep your expectations in check. Smart sugar babies understand that even the sweetest arrangement probably won’t last forever, so they’re smart about money. They maintain multiple income streams. They have a long-term plan for the future that doesn’t involve being dependent on anyone else as well.

Do you think you have what it takes to do everything listed above? If so, then you’re definitely sugar baby material and will love life in the sugar bowl. Get started today!

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