The Best Ways To Effectively Say No

Knowing how to, with confidence, be assertive is a skill that not every Sugar Baby has, however it is something that any good Sugar Baby can develop with a little effort. Being able to clearly say no and stand up for yourself is something that I encourage all of my pals to do, and it is definitely an ability that I had to discover the difficult way. The most important thing to keep in mind is that if you want to be taken seriously when you say no, you can’t play coy games where you say no when you mean yes, maybe, or to play hard to get.  No, must mean no.

Explaining No to a Sugar Daddy

Figuring out how to say it and mean it, can be a challenging feat, nevertheless, it is something that can be beneficial to cultivate. It is possible to state your refusal without being impolite, and I assure you that it gets easier with practice, if you are the kind of individual who frets it will be challenging to do properly. Keep in mind saying no can be a sentence in and of itself and doesn’t constantly need a detailed explanation. If you are afraid that refusing to do something will upset or annoy a reasonable and understanding Sugar Daddy, it’s okay to offer an explanation for it. If you are saying no since a demand of a Sugar Daddy breaks one of your personal guidelines or values, simply discuss that. If you set out those rules early on, then this no must not be a challenging response for him to digest.  As a matter of fact, before you get into an arrangement, you should discuss how you will both handle it when there’s a conflict.  You might, also, think of things you know you aren’t willing to do, whether it’s a specific sexual activity, general outing/activity, or times when you know you won’t be able to do something, so that you are prepared to handle it, if it comes up.

Constantly Mean it When You Say It

Keep in mind, it’s often much easier to give a firm no then to say a hesitant yes that you don’t mean.  You shouldn’t reluctantly say yes, knowing that you’re not really going to enjoy what you’re agreeing to do.  Especially because once you agree to something, it’s much more complicated to back out of it.   When in doubt, be firm and don’t waiver from your bottom line. Remember: you are not obligated to say yes to anyone, even a wealthy Sugar Daddy. A mutually beneficial arrangement should be constructed on trust and respect. This implies respecting when we don’t constantly get exactly what we want from somebody. When you alter no to perhaps or yes, regularly, it is going to tell him that you can be bullied into giving in with adequate pressure, which does not provide him a reason to respect it when you say no.  If he can not appreciate no on something unimportant, he’s not going to accept it on something more vitally important to you.  It’s in your best interests to draw a hard line and stick to it.

No Doesn’t Have to Be Negative

Many people are afraid to say no because they don’t want to make someone else angry, or they don’t want to ruin the moment.  If you smile and project positive energy, it will show that you aren’t saying no just to be stubborn, difficult, or to punish him for something.  A big draw for Sugar Daddies is that having a sugar relationship is supposed to eliminate drama.  You should avoid playing silly games to get your way.  Keeping your cool, remaining calm and poised, even if he gets angry will help defuse the situation.  Yelling encourages someone else to yell, while speaking quietly encourages listening and being quieter in response.

Try Offering Alternatives

This is where compromise and tactful negotiation can ease any strain on the situation. No matter what you’re declining to do, you can offer other suggestions that you are willing to do or another time that would be more suitable for you.  If the issue isn’t denying a particular Sugar Daddy but declining a specific request or activity, you can use alternatives rather than a flat rejection. Perhaps, you don’t wish to go to a museum. You could say, I’m not feeling like walking around much today, what about going to the movies? Or if he’s pressuring you to do something you aren’t all set to do such as make love or a sexual activity or kink that frightens you, you might try, I’m not ready, what about going out for coffee or a dessert, and we can get to know each other more.

When He Won’t Take No for an Answer

Sometimes you will run into a man who just won’t accept no. Don’t argue the point with him – just be stern, but respectful, and to the point. You may remind him that not appreciating no is not going to make him look better in your eyes or make you more likely to accept his deal.  If what he’s asking you to do is a dealbreaker than it should have been discussed before entering into an arrangement.  And if it’s a dealbreaker for you, then you should consider finding a different Sugar Daddy, because there will likely be more conflicts to come.

Once you get used to handling saying no effectively, it will come easier for you.  It can be very empowering to know yourself and be willing to say, “No, no, I don’t want to do that,” of “No, actually, that’s not okay.”  It’s a good skill to cultivate in all areas of your life, too.  You should not allow anyone to take advantage of you, whether it’s a Sugar Daddy, friend, co-worker, boss, or even family members.  As you gain in confidence, you’ll find it spills over into other areas of your life.  And a confident woman is a sexy woman!

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