Communicating What You Need

How does a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby go about communicating their needs or what they hope to get in the whole sugar dating adventure? The most common question that people will want to ask would most likely be: How do I know what to ask for? Another big, glowing question mark for Sugar Babies will be on the allowance issue. How much money do you ask for in an allowance from your POT SD? How much is a lot? And seriously, what’s enough for you?

As a Sugar Baby, you need to lean back and let the man take the lead in initiating a conversation, to an extent. Allow him to take the lead, but guide him along in a direction fitting your needs. With that said, you need to have considered and known beforehand what you will be needing in this kind of arrangement. This doesn’t mean financial needs alone. Just like any other relationship out there, as a Sugar Baby you also want your emotional needs met.

In this article we look at the factors to consider, and ways to portray them, when communicating your needs.

Talking Possessions vs. Allowance in A SB/SD Relationship

As a Sugar Baby, you need to explain your situation as where you actually stand when you SD wants to offer you allowances. Don’t be shy about preferences, either. Do you prefer cash, or would you not mind gifts and other expensive things every once in awhile? Consider that he’s thinking along the lines of shopping sprees, expensive cars and even vacations. It’s, of course, always up to you to decide what’s more valuable to you. The choice comes all down to you.

If your POT SD does keeps offering you what you don’t like as a form of allowance, you need not to shut him out completely. You need to at least let him know what makes you happy and what you prefer instead. It’s not wrong to ask for your way! You let him know that he’s amazing in what he’s doing to you only that you just prefer the latter and would be pleased if he tried doing that more. It’s totally possible for someone to change the way things are done for someone he cares about. That being you. As long as you agree and talk about it as grownups, I’m pretty sure things can be changed if he really is a legitimately generous Sugar Daddy.

Always be Honest to Your Sugar Daddy

Let me start by saying that being upfront and being honest are two different things. No one loves a demanding person especially when it comes to sugar dating. You’ll attract more bees with honey than with vinegar. This one idea will help you more than most anything else as a Sugar Baby in the Sugar World. Your SD will be more likely to accept what you want or what you’re trying to suggest when you’re doing it in a polite way and being honest.

If you had agreed already on the allowance you’d be getting, you’re always allowed to re-negotiate after a while. This will come in handy when you are now spending plenty more time with your SD than earlier agreed upon. You may let your SD know what you need personally, even if you already said it on your sugar dating profile. If you want your allowance to be always in a specific amount or to have it paid on a particular date, you need to confidently let your SD know about it. Some SBs use their allowances to pay for their college tuition. In such a case, you definitely want to let your SD know how much this allowance means to you and why it needs to be always in time. Many POT Sugar Daddies are not rude and are very understanding. Some can even relate to what you’re talking about and will quickly note that down and faithfully pay going forward.

How to tell Your Story

Now, we all have been through difficulties in life at a certain point.  We may have fallen off track at some point, or crashed on jagged rocks for many different reasons. As bad as it may have been, or even how it affected you, no one loves a whiner.

With that said, this should not mean that you may not share your past. No SD expects a perfect SB in all her choices and her background. Is there such a person anyway? Maybe a robot… People love hearing what you’ll all about. They want to know that they can take away all your bad memories and give you a good better life.

You however need to avoid constant emotional breakdowns as much as your story can be saddening. Even though a sad story will at times make wallets to open, there are Sugar Daddies who dislike crybabies and won’t help them at all. When telling your life experiences, you need to do it with total honesty and avoid putting out the sad facts only but point out the good memories too. A strong woman is always an added advantage to a POT SD. Don’t be a victim, be a survivor.

Your strong points in life are important as a SB. When talking about an experience that was or has been difficult in your and yet you’re facing it with courage and confidence, it will often assist to let out your strengths be known. Your strengths will make you stand out. Most SD are fascinated by the unique aspects of a SB personality. They make the whole Sugar Dating experience memorable to most Sugar Daddies, and are a strong pillar when forming the relationship together.  Your suppleness will make you look like a safe investment to tap in for any SD, too, instead of going for a possible emotional wrecked SB who may snap at any time and won’t be tamed easily.

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