Exclusive or Not?

Sugar dating really isn’t much different from regular dating in many aspects, other than that Sugar Babies know it’s unlikely that they are the only woman and that it is likely to be a temporary, if long term arrangement. If you’re questioning if your Sugar Daddy is wed or seeing somebody or several somebodies, either way you feel about it, there are often methods to confirm if he’s married or has another lady that he’s seeing.

Pay Attention to the Little Details

When does your Sugar Daddy call you? Does he have routine times that he calls and just calls at those times? If it’s just late during the night, throughout work hours, or when he’s probably commuting to or from work, there’s a good chance that it’s because those are the only times it’s safe to call his Sugar Baby because he s trying to conceal it from someone.

Does he have numerous phones? It’s not necessarily unusual for business professionals to have numerous phones and devices: One for personal use and one for service. It could be that your Sugar Daddy is using multiple gadgets to keep his individual life compartmentalized, too. If he’s going to such lengths to conceal things, it’s hard to guess exactly what else he’s hiding or why.

Where do you and your Sugar Daddy typically hang out?

Going outside of what should be his local areas could be an indication that he’s attempting to minimize the possibility that you and your Sugar Daddy runs into anyone he knows. It could just be that he’s a private individual and doesn’t desire to have his different social circles overlapping until he’s more comfortable, but it should be noted.

Is your Sugar Daddy using his genuine name or an alias?

Generally, it’s not a bad idea not to use your real name for anything online, for personal protection, whether you’re a potential Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy and whether or not you’re married or single. There are fraudsters, blackmailers, and all-around creepy stalkers out there that attempt to take advantage of both single Sugar Babies and any kind of Sugar Daddies.

Choose What Type of Sugar Relationship You Want

There are lots of reasons why a man may want to have a discreet secondary relationship, specifically with a young Sugar Baby. It’s crucial that before stepping into the sugar bowl, you choose if being the other female, the mistress, is something that you are ready to do or not. Not all Sugar Babies are alright with being the secondary relationship or one of many.

While for some young Sugar Babies, the idea of being a secondary girlfriend is a problem, and for others, it’s not a big deal. It may appear not likely with all the stigma about sugaring being mainly about sex, but it isn’t out of the world of possibility for a Sugar Daddy to be interested in simply a pretty pal, someone that doesn’t put the stress on him that other, romantic relationships do.

While it’s pretty common for a Sugar Baby to be “the other woman” in a Sugar Daddy’s life, there are, also, many men who are avoiding marriage at all costs because they’ve had bad experiences, personally, or seen it go badly for other wealthy men.  Many of these men turn to sugaring because there’s less risk of them being taken advantage of by a fortune hunter.  They already know up front that their Sugar Baby is expecting an allowance, and they don’t have to worry if someone is faking love just to fool them.  Without the expectation that the relationship has to eventually turn into a formal, legally binding marriage, both partners are free to let the relationship evolve as it will, without forcing any feelings.

If you are specifically trying to find a single Sugar Daddy, you should put that out there plainly. Put it on your profile and don’t hesitate to discuss it with all POT SD. You’re going to have to be extra cautious about researching any prospective rich older men because some of them are pretty careful and knowledgeable at concealing their tricks.  Many of these types have concealed their infidelity for years and don’t plan to stop just for you.  Perhaps they think they are entitled to it, or there are just other complications, but if you suspect he’s hiding a wife, it’s pretty likely that he is.

Ethically, it’s a hard call to make, and there are lots of arguments for and versus being a mistress. Some will insist that it’s wrong and separates marriages, while others will claim that it’s more than possible to be in love with numerous individuals at the exact same time. Each Sugar Baby needs to choose for herself what her ethical borders are and how far she’s willing to extend them or if they are firm, tough lines.  It’s, also, okay to change your mind once you’ve had more experience in the sugar bowl to decide if you require an arrangement to be an exclusive one.

If you are sure that you want no part of being involved with a married man (or a Playboy, who won’t commit to any one partner at all), discuss your reasons for not being interested in being in a sugar relationship with somebody already in a relationship and keep in mind to be firm about your position. Some Sugar Daddies might not be expecting rejection or can’t think comprehend that a Sugar Baby might not be willing to do anything for him.  For many of these men, their money gets them anything and everything that they want, and they have likely grown used to always getting their way.  But if you stick to your wishes, you’ll find a match sooner or later that fits your needs and ideals.

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