How To Handle the Holidays While Sugar Dating

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It’s that time of year again. The holidays are right around the corner, and they’ll be upon you before you know it. If you’re new to the sugar bowl and will spending the holidays as a sugar baby for the very first time, it only stands to reason that you’d have a few questions about what’s involved. What do sugar daddies expect from their sugar babies this time of year? How can you make sure both of you have an amazing first holiday season together in every sense of the word? The following tips can help you make this your sweetest holiday season so far.

Be Generous

Don’t make the mistake some brand new sugar babies make when it’s officially time to deck the halls and celebrate. Yes, life is pretty sweet when you’re someone’s sugar baby. It’s easy to get used to having someone generous in your life who’s willing (and even eager) to cover a lot of financial bases for you, but it’s important not to take it for granted. Never assume that holiday gift giving should only go one way.

Don’t worry. Your sugar daddy definitely doesn’t want or expect you to give him anything extravagant. However, it’s not going to make a very good impression on him if you don’t give him anything at all. Sugar relationships are genuine relationships in every sense of the word, so that means personal occasions like holidays spent together should involve as much give and take as would be involved in a traditional relationship.

Just opt for giving something thoughtful and personal that you know your daddy will love because it was given from the heart. Keep in mind that there are lots of other little gestures you can make to ensure his holiday season is a special one as well. Many sugar daddies appreciate it when babies make them something creative or even take time out of their days to cook them something they love.

Be Understanding

Every sugar relationship is different, so make sure you’re realistic in what you’re personally expecting from yours this holiday season. Are you and your sugar daddy exclusive, or are you in an open relationship that might find him spending his holiday with someone other than you? How busy is your sugar daddy’s typical schedule? Is there a chance he might have to work or even spend time away this holiday season?

If there’s a chance you might not have your daddy’s full attention this year, it’s important to be your sweet, understanding self. Don’t complain or try to guilt trip him for not spending as much time with you as you’d like. Don’t blow his phone up with questions, calls, or messages at times you know he’s busy either. Maintain your poise and take things in stride. Your sugar daddy is sure to make things up to you in the sweetest possible way the minute he has the chance.

Be Festive

A good sugar baby is like balm to her sugar daddy’s soul, as well as sweet candy to his eyes. The holiday season is the perfect time for you to shine as a sugar baby and show her daddy what she’s capable of when it comes to keeping his life magical. Go out of your way to make the spaces you two share festive. Set the mood with gorgeous decorations, seasonal music, and all the little thoughtful touches that you know your daddy would really appreciate. Coming to see you during the holiday season should feel like stepping into a wonderful, relaxing oasis.

Don’t forget to include yourself when making things festive for your sugar daddy this year either. Treat yourself to some beautiful new clothes that make you look your best and are in step with the season. Get your hair and nails done. If you know your daddy would appreciate it, investing in some fun, flirty seasonal attire to dress up in when he’s around isn’t a bad idea either.

At the end of the day, spending the holidays with your sugar daddy is a lot like spending them with any other paramour. This is a time to show those you love just how much they mean to you, your sugar daddy included.

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