Plus Size Sugar Baby Tips

I get questions frequently asking me if a plus size girl could become a Sugar Baby, and I really hate that girls feel the need to even ask me if they are “fit” enough to be an SB. OF COURSE YOU ARE. Contrary to popular belief, not all Sugar Babies are a slim and fit, size 2, with DD boobs, and blonde hair. SB’s come in all shapes and sizes and although some men are looking for Barbie, not all of them are looking for that type of girl. Different men like different types of women and every man has their ideal woman, whether she is curvy, thin, tall, short, black, white, or purple. Each girl has something that makes her stand out and unique, and there is an SD out there that is interested in that.

Big is beautiful! Curves are irresistible. Not all Sugar Daddies prefer tiny Sugar Babies. There are plenty of Sugar Daddies who prefer plus size Sugar Babies, and we’ll tell you how to find them! Follow the advice we have given below and you will be on your way to being a successful plus size Sugar Baby in no time.

Below are some plus size Sugar Baby tips to aid anyone who is struggling with their confidence.

Love Yourself

Before jumping into the sugar dating scene and rolling with it, you have to make friends with your very own reflection. If you are not happy with yourself – curves and all- you will a hard time making a Sugar Daddy happy. From the very start your Sugar Baby profile must radiate positivity. Some days it might feel like “thin is in.” However, bear in mind that some of the most successful and beautiful women in history were not even close to a size zero – for example, Sophia Loren was actually a size 10. Link it with that heritage – and you will see the heritage of beautiful, big ladies. Be aware that you are good-looking, and you can take on any POT SD that may come your way!

Be Honest with Your Photos

The most difficult part for ladies with curves is finding that perfect photo, which showcases everything they want it to. It might be tempting to put your “old” photo from 3 or so years ago, when you were like 3 sizes smaller. Nonetheless, it is not really fair to the POTs. Consider how you would be disappointed, if you were to meet up with a POT, and then he turned out to be different from his photo. Select an image that highlights your frame and showcases every bit about you – just like your hobbies and your sparkling personality, as well as, seductive smile. Your being overweight does not define you or even hold you back. Just make sure that your profile and images showcase that mantra!  Embrace the more to love label.

A Little Extra

Considering our bodies are a little bigger, we have to make sure we take a little extra care of it. We have to shower a little longer, wear a little extra perfume and make sure our contour game is on point! As a result, make sure that you use soaps, body washes and scrubs that are natural with a nice strong scent to get you through cuddle sessions with your Sugar Daddy.

I would definitely suggest trying some products from Lush. My favorite is the Rose Jam body wash. You’ll smell amazing and the scent lasts for a long time. Another product that’s great is Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant. It will keep your pits sweat free and leave behind a long lasting, sweet smell.

Dress to Accentuate

Once you have landed the Sugar Daddy date you want, you must always look your best, no matter your size.  A thin girl could totally bomb a date by dressing inappropriately or wearing something unflattering and yes, there are things that are unflattering on everyone, like stripes. You have to dress the best you can for any event. Choose clothes that can flatter your curves. It should be a given that there are many things to consider when you create an image to present to the world. You should pay extra attention to all segments of your appearance such as your makeup, clothing, hair, and accessories.  Many of these can be used to draw attention to your best features and assets. Being clothed in something that is comfortable and makes you really feel good would show in your walk, body posture, and in your eyes – all of these are things that can engage your potential Sugar Daddies in the most positive way.  And at the end of the day, that’s what a wealthy older man is really looking for:  someone to entertain him.

Don’t Take Rejection Personally

Remember that all Sugar Daddies have their own personal preference when it comes to Sugar Babies. If you get rejected by one Sugar Daddy, it just means he’s looking for something a little different, and now you are free and available to be found by the Sugar Daddy that is looking for you!

Perfect your Sugar Baby Profile

Making a connection with someone can often improve how beautiful (or not) they perceive you and vice versa.  More and more Sugar Daddies are taking a chance on the unconventional beauty as they tire of insipid and entitled young girls, who are nothing but looks with nothing behind the pretty face.  If your profile is engaging and welcoming, you might be surprised at how much positive attention you’ll find from POT Sugar Daddies.

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