Reacting To Sugar Haters

Haters gonna hate, but is it so easy to respond with that when somebody criticizes the sugar lifestyle you have come to delight in? Other times, it might be a person who is salty about the reality that she can’t be a Sugar Baby. Regardless of whether you are just dipping your toe in the sugar bowl or have actually been in the life a while, understanding how to deal with things that we hear typically can be beneficial.

Gold Digger

One of the most typical things we hear is that Sugar Babies just appreciate the money. While cash is an important thing in life, you can quickly shrug this off. If it were just about money, you probably wouldn’t be involved in the sugar bowl. Think about a Sugar Daddy (or prospective Sugar Daddy) – is the money really his only attractive element? Most likely not. Your typical Sugar Daddy is a mature guy who is likewise positive, protective, successful, and knows how to treat his partner just right. Who wouldn t desire that? And, that is quite potentially why somebody might be throwing shade your way – they are most likely envious! We all have things that we are attracted to and appreciate, for some people that is looks and for others it is security and still others do want money.

Young and Dumb

Another common criticism is one that attacks your intelligence. Being a Sugar Baby isn’t downplaying your intelligence – it s genuinely about understanding the best ways to value yourself as a person. Consider all the ways that you can economically take care of yourself; you might essentially work for some random person that you never ever see, making them rich, while you make a paltry income. Instead, being a Sugar Baby is a quite wise choice! You get to have lots of time to deal with whatever you desire and earn money on your own. You are in charge of your life. Being a Sugar Baby isn’t simply about looks – it takes an intelligent, and amusing woman to do this, one very much like you.

Simply a High Class Hooker

Something I heard frequently when I first began out as a Sugar Baby was that I was a prostitute. If someone tries corresponding what you do as a Sugar Baby with prostitution, attempt to not get mad (in fact, your anger might be exactly the reaction that they are looking for – so, attempt to remain level headed if you encounter this type of reaction from someone). Don’t pity someone for their options, should they pick to be a prostitute, but understand the difference between being in a sugar relationship and being a sex partner for hire.  The SD/SB relationship is about building a relationship and having companionship, not a pay-to-play, let alone pay-per-play arrangement.  The mutually beneficial relationship that SB/SD couples seek is about more than scratching an itch whenever it’s convenient.


Another typical misunderstanding is that Sugar Babies don’t really appreciate their Sugar Daddies. Now, that is simply not the case at all. Does that mean that there is anything wrong with you if you aren’t in love with your Sugar Daddy? No, obviously not! Not everyone in a relationship is in love with the other individual, and there’s absolutely nothing that says you must have romantic feelings for everyone in your life. What is  going on in your relationship is just the business of you and your Sugar Daddy – if anyone else would like to know, you can merely smile and say, “I’m sorry you don’t understand, but that’s not a requirement for my own happiness.”

Simply Get a Job

Now, what do you say if someone rolls their eyes at you and suggests that instead of being a Sugar Baby, you get a real job? Generally, by job, people aren’t talking about something they delight in doing. What’s essential is that you enjoy life, are happy, and are getting your expenses paid, how you do that, is no one’s business.  And more likely than not, you’re having a better experience as a Sugar Baby than they are having with their “real job,” and they are just envious that you’ve found a way out of that cycle.

Bad Example for other Women

Among the most distressing things for me to hear, as somebody with a substantial background in women’s studies, was that by being a Sugar Baby I wasn’t a feminist. But anyone that says that isn’t a real proponent of women’s rights. Really, don’t hesitate to ask them just what makes a feminist. Everyone can feel free to define that word for themselves, but feminism is about women having choices.  Not just the choices that one or a few women would make. Keep in mind, at the end of the day, the only individual that you have to please is yourself; you aren’t living your life for another person. Feminism for me has a lot to do with empowerment and being a Sugar Baby empowered me more than anything else. Plus, someone knocking me for my choices is very anti-feminist.

You can decide with time who you want to inform and who you don’t about your SD. You may likewise end up discovering that other pals of yours are included in the sugar life, too! Remember, as long as exactly what you are doing is safe, and you’re happy; it shouldn’t matter to anyone else what you are doing.  However, when someone displays their ignorance, it’s the perfect opportunity to educate them.  If you can show someone by how you act and speak that the sugar lifestyle isn’t a bad thing, they may help educate others in the future.

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