How to Stand Out as a Sugar Baby

Everything in life comes with pros and cons. The same goes, naturally, for sharing your Sugar Daddy among other Sugar Babies. Being one of many seems, at the first sight, as a not so fantastic situation. But, in a way, you can see a plus side to this situation, because the focus isn’t all on you. This makes room for you to seek out other hobbies and interests in life, as well. For that matter, who says you need only one Sugar Daddy? On the flip side, you might, also, see this as a threat, because you compete for his affection and attention with other women.

You need to make that you are the star on center stage, if you want to stay one step ahead of the game. You should find the ways you’re unique and stand out with your Sugar Daddy as a Sugar Baby. Once you learn how to do this and build on it, you can achieve being the One instead of being just one of many. Here are some tips that might help you reach this goal:

1. Be Patient When Shopping for Sugar Daddies.

Some Sugar Babies do not have enough patience when they’re looking for a Sugar Daddy. They just dive into sugar dating too hastily, only to wind up in relationships that aren’t much in the way of value, or even worse, are straight boring. You really do not want to get a Sugar Daddy who only meets your needs, but, also, a man that you actually like and that you are likely to have a good time with. It might take a while for this Sugar Daddy to show up and knowing that, you must be patient enough to wait until you get what you want. Let his willingness and ability to meet all your needs work in tandem with chemistry for best results.

2. Be Consistent in How You Portray Yourself — Just  Be Real.

Remember that Sugar Daddies, also, have their likes and dislikes, and you do not want to portray an image of someone other than yourself, because you will end up attracting attention from the wrong men. It can be exhausting maintaining a false persona, and eventually, you’ll slip. Create a sugar dating profile that shows your true personality in a straightforward way, and you won’t wind up disappointing or confusing your Daddy when you finally meet.

Many men enjoy dominating the conversation and having a captivated audience. However, sometimes, you have to speak your mind, and you’re pretty sure that your Sugar Daddy wants to hear what you have to say. Tread carefully here, listening to a Sugar Baby complaining about daily stresses and the problems with society can be a real let down. Compared to your competition, being upbeat and charming can give you a tremendous edge.  When you speak, make sure that what you have to say is compelling, has real substance to it, and that you aren’t talking just to fill the silence.

Do not worry about finding things to talk about. Just having a general knowledge of a few human interest stories and world events can, more often than not, provide you a good start. It may also be useful to share some common interests. The relationship can strengthen when you are bonding over mutual fascinations. And when you ask the questions, you have the advantage.

3. Be on TIme to Your Dates.

Older well-to-do men are very busy people and the last thing you want to do is to cancel the date or show up late. Sugar Daddies tend to not like such unwanted surprises, and it could be the deal breaker in the relationship. You’re sure to lose points over it, in any case. You must be flexible to keep up with the dating demands, especially as far as timing goes.

4. Don’t Get too Comfortable in Your Appearance.

Unless it’s specifically said on a given date that “Netflix and chill” are what’s in store, you should do your level best to look your best at all times. The fact is that how you look tells him how you’re used to being treated. Are you a ragamuffin that’s grateful for just a $50 loan, or are you a classy lady who doesn’t bat an eye at $1000? You see where I’m going with this? Ensure you do not let your looks go, or you could find yourself lower on the totem pole, maybe even off of it.

With that said, being comfortable in your own skin is quite possibly the most important thing for a Sugar Baby to do when meeting with her Sugar Daddy. It is up to you how you do that. For instance, if you feel more feminine when wearing a dress, go with it. But if you are most at ease in a casual attire, then let your personality shine through while you dress down (but smart!). In case you are a style chameleon, then I recommend you to dress yourself in a way that stands out from all the other Sugar Babies. Try something different than your competitors, something like a flirty, flowing dress, if they wear cocktail dresses. Show some leg and be modest on top, if your competitors go for plunging necklines. If they follow the current fashion trends, then choose to look classically elegant. Trying to offer something of an alternative that stands out is the key.

5. Do Not Completely Rely on a Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy dating does not always last as long as we’d like, and it could actually end when you least expect it. Some Sugar Daddy may change his mind at the last second. You naturally need to be independent even while you continue getting all that you need and want from your Sugar Daddy. Keep up with your job, build some savings, or at least have a nest egg that will work your needs out in case the unexpected happens. You can never be too certain, and you should never get too attached when dating a rich older man.

There are so many benefits of dating a Sugar Daddy as long as you keep your expectations clear. Start by finding Sugar Daddy apps or Sugar Daddy sites you can trust to help you meet genuine men to treat you like the princess you are.

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