Sugar Babies I’ve Met Over The Years

Just the other day, I was thinking how long ago it was since I got into the sugar dating game. Much to my surprise, I realized that it’s been over ten years since I first hooked up with my first sugar baby! It has been a long, wild ride to be sure, marked with moments of intense joy and pleasure, and also a bit of frustration and disappointment. In any case, I do not regret the experience at all and given the chance to do it all over again, I definitely wouldn’t change a thing.

Over the course of a decade of being a sugar daddy, I have had the opportunity to meet a bewildering array of women, some of whom I have had the pleasure of hooking up with for an extended period of time. Encompassing a broad and diverse variety, most of these women had very little in common apart from having made the decision to become a sugar baby.

During my trip down memory lane, I reminisced fondly on the many sugar babies I have had the privilege of being with and realized that some of them typified a specific category of sugar baby. I therefore thought it would be interesting to take a look back at each of them and perhaps analyze what drove each of them to become a sugar baby and what made them ‘tick’. Who knows? You may find some parallels between one or more of my ex-sugar babies and your own current partner!

Jenny the girl next door

If there is one thing I could say about Jenny, it is that she is an absolute sweetheart. Fresh-faced and charming, she had that irresistible girl-next-door appeal that grabbed me right from the start. Jenny was one of the first sugar babies I ever hooked up with, and I have to say that she was my perfect introduction into the fascinating world of sugar dating.

One of the things that set Jenny apart from all the other sugar babies I hooked up with was that she was totally in it for the fun of the experience. Unlike most other sugar babies that had an ulterior motive, some long-term goal, or personal issues they were trying to address in some roundabout way, Jenny was genuinely happy to be a sugar baby…and it showed. Truly one of the most enjoyable flings I have ever had, Jenny is someone I still look fondly back on time and time again.

Toni the man-eater

Toni was something else entirely. If Jenny was the type of sugar baby that didn’t have any ulterior motive whatsoever, Toni was all about the ulterior motive. And in her case, it was about gaining the upper hand over men. I’m not going to get into her possible personal issues, and honestly, I’m not even a 100% certain that there were any. Toni was just the type of girl that seemed to enjoy dominating men, and she showed no qualms about asserting her superiority.

Let me give you a few examples. Instead of waiting to be asked out on a date or to be given a choice of restaurants, Toni would simply take it upon herself to inform you that she was in the mood for Italian or Japanese, or whatever struck her fancy. She also had very definite ideas on what restaurants to go to, and she wouldn’t hesitate to let you know her preference.

She was equally straightforward in other aspects of the relationship as well. If she didn’t like a certain gift–such as a piece of jewelry or an item of clothing–she would simply leave it in the same spot in her apartment for weeks!

She was also pretty straightforward with regard to the terms of the relationship. She made no secret of having a string of sugar daddies just waiting in line to take my place, which–it turns out–is actually what happened eventually.

Cassie the player

Cassie was a bit more difficult to figure out. Although she did have a few sugar daddies under her belt, she was something of a player who was more curious about the sugar dating lifestyle than anything. Whenever we talked about her relationships–including ours–I got the distinct feeling that she could take it or leave it, and that it wouldn’t make a bit of difference to her if she never had a sugar daddy ever again. Perhaps it is because she has always been the independent type and she would have no difficulty supporting herself, but Cassie was bit of an anomaly in that she didn’t have to be a sugar baby…she simply enjoyed being one.

Fiona the hopeless romantic

Fiona had a lot more in common with other sugar babies I met before and since. In fact, in many ways, she was the stereotypical sugar baby who was simply holding out for something better. With each and every sugar dating relationship she was involved in, Fiona hoped to finally meet “The One”­–the sugar daddy that would sweep her off her feet and ask for her hand in marriage.

Unfortunately, women like Fiona are a dime a dozen in the sugar dating world. More unfortunate still is that very few of them actually find the happy ending to all their years of searching. I’m not quite sure whether or not Fiona did eventually find the sugar daddy that would marry her. Last I heard, she was involved with yet another sugar daddy, and was still a sugar baby.

Sandra: all-business, no BS

Of all the sugar babies I’ve ever been with, Sandra was refreshing in that she was totally professional about the whole deal. She had no qualms about laying out the terms of the arrangement clearly, and she made no bones about being paid for her services. Although it would seem that an arrangement with such a sugar baby would be too cold and calculating, I never got that impression with Sandra. She was actually quite affectionate and even playful, and she seemingly enjoyed being a sugar baby.

There you have it! Those are a few of the more memorable sugar babies I’ve had the opportunity to hook up with. Do you recognize your own sugar babies in any of them?

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