Sugar Baby Restaurant Etiquette Explained

Sugar Dating has its own spoken and unspoken rules. You may have not been into this Sugar world very long, and at times, it may be confusing. Especially when you start changing your lifestyle, learning that as a Sugar Baby you’re expected to behave in a certain manner. Today we get to focus more on a Sugar Baby’s restaurant manners.

You may be the kind of SB that hasn’t been to many classy expensive restaurants frequently, or maybe haven’t been even close to such a lifestyle. There are also the kinds of SBs who have been to a number of these upscale hotels and dining establishments, but need a few tips on restaurant manners.

Today we get to have a look at what restaurant etiquette entails. After all, we all want to present the best of ourselves in these places to our POT SD!

Dress to Impress Your Sugar Daddy

We all know how difficult it is to find out what to wear when going out for any date. Well, it gets more difficult when it comes to Sugar dating because we both know you’re not going out to some cheap restaurant. You have to be on top of your game.

It’s advisable to consider thoughtfully what you’ll be wearing to a date with your POT SD. You’ll be going to an expensive restaurant, and you need to look the part of a wealthy, classy young lady too. You may need to consider upscaling what to wear for your POT Sugar Daddy, especially if you’ll be going to an expensive dinner restaurant.  Most of these classy restaurants will have dress codes, like no jeans allowed, rips in clothing, tennis shoes or even baseball caps.

You’ll want it to be simple, in a classical wrapping which will make the receiver ( your POT) know they’re receiving an valued, fantastic gift. Your appearance needs to let him know that you’re a yummy Sugar Baby worthy to be spoiled with everything good in life.

If you’re broke and don’t have much to invest in your wardrobe, you can reach out to your friends to lend you some of their favorite and expensive dresses or even check out consignment boutiques. When given the venue of the date, dig a little bit on where you’ll be going and get to know the environment so you can use that to enhance your look. A modest cocktail dress and some cute heels are also classic, and are appropriate for a lot of settings, especially for a 4 or 5 star restaurant.

There is nothing more embarrassing than wearing a classic dress with old flip flops. Save the flops for your basic errands or walking down the beach! if your date is to be on a classy restaurant but not a super expensive hotel, you may probably do a cute blouse or sweater worn with dressy pants or a skirt. You will want to leave these things in your wardrobe: anything clothe that reveals your stomach, sweatshirt, jeans, miniskirts, sneakers, and graphic t-shirts.

Accessories and gadgets on a Date

Be mindful of the accessories to bring to your date. One or two pieces of flattering jewelry and a small purse or clutch that will match your outfit will do. The fewer items you carry with you the better. A Sugar Baby shouldn’t at any point be without her phone. However, it’s important to ensure that it’s on silent mode. You shouldn’t texts during your meal. It’s RUDE! You need to give all your attention to him and to the date. After all, he is your number one priority.

Make Up Do’s and Dont’s on Your Sugar Date

When going out to a restaurant with your SD you need to ensure that your makeup and hair are modest, and also they’re going along with the outfit worn. Avoid heavy foundation or your smokey eye on such dates. Most Sugar Daddies normally prefer natural appearance more than heavy awkward makeup on Sugar Babies. Just stick to a little bit of concealer and also some simple light dusting powder, modest eye makeup, mascara, subtle liner and lipstick. Avoid too much highlighting, contouring, or shimmering.

Sugar Date Table Etiquette

The traditional dining guidelines and rules that you may have learned from your parents will heavily come in handy when it comes to table manners. Napkin stays on your lap, just take small bites, no talking with food on your mouth, and remember to be polite to the staff. While it’s okay and acceptable to drink on such dates, as a SB you need to be extra careful not to get loose and unruly when drunk! You want to be fully aware of what is happening around you and be in full control. Remember that being drunk on a Sugar date may turn out to be a major turn off for a POT Sugar Daddy. You need to portray class and elegance at all times on your date.

Ordering Like A Proper Sugar Baby

After looking at the table and indulgence rules, it’s important to shift our focus to the part of ordering our meal. Be free to order any meal that you want — I’m sure he can buy it all. Don’t be modest about trying the most expensive delicacies in the restaurant. He asked you out on this date, so he’s more than willing to spend all out on you. If you’re worried, ask him what to do; will he order for both of you, or otherwise, what exactly his plans to order are.

Leaving the Restaurant & Closing the Sugar Date

If this is your first date together, feel free to give a heartfelt hug, but do not feel pressured to do anything else with a POT SD. You can even return a goodnight kiss, if he goes to kiss you. While many people may have sex on the first date, I highly discourage this with Sugar dating. If it’s a first date, you want to get to know each other and let him know that you are a classy Sugar Baby who doesn’t just hook up with anyone. This also lets him know that there are much better things to come!

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