Is the Sugar Daddy the Real Deal

You may have just started getting acquainted to the Sugar Dating world or may be have been here for some time. However, one thing that is definitely common is the fact that in this world of Sugar Dating, there are always of false Sugar Daddies floating around, who are otherwise named Salt or Splenda Daddies. These are people (males) who dream of the Sugar Daddy lifestyle but lack the means that can match up to real Sugar Daddies in terms of wealth and even giving an acceptable allowance to their Sugar Babies. Having already discussed the basic signs of wannabe Sugar Daddies, today, lets shift focus on how to tell if an SD is the real deal. Check out these tips to tell that a SD is legit.

Their Actions Will Speak for Themselves

There’s a common cliche, “I’m a man of my word,” this will apply to a successful Sugar Daddy who will, with just a few words when asked, assure you he has got it all. A true SD will work to keep his word, the last thing he wants, is to be accused of lying. If your POT SD  keeps dropping hints about a trip to an exotic getaway, claims to have a yacht, or even a Tuscan Villa,  he should, also, be hinting at taking you on this getaway, or giving you a tour of the yacht or the villa.  If he isn’t talking of taking you away to an exotic paradise, or on the yacht, or to the villa, doesn’t really know what he is talking about, then maybe the closest thing he has to a yacht, is a dingy.  Likewise, if he claims to be friends with important people, then he should know specific, personal information about them.  He should be able to prove his dealings with them.  Perhaps by showing invitations to fundraising dinners, gala events, or ticket stubs for premier events.  Even better, he should be taking you to these types of events, unless there’s a good reason to be discreet and avoid public attention or notice of you.

Location, Location, Location

He has a brand new Mercedes S-Class.  He’s picked you up in it, and it doesn’t have dealer plates or temporary tags. This means he’s not just using some seven day try before you buy thing nor something he just bought that will likely needing to be returned by the end of the week.  Does this mean he’s wealthy?  Perhaps.  Or maybe he lives in his grandmother’s basement, and he’s leasing this fancy car, and it’s his only grand expenditure and claim to a higher living.  So, he can afford to pay $1000 a month on a lease, but what does he have after that’s paid?  What you’re really looking for is property, improvements on the property, and property location.  A penthouse downtown to go along with that fast car is a better sign of a rich Sugar Daddy.  If he makes a claim to owning a particular property, you can easily verify if he or a company that he has a controlling interest in is in fact the owner by checking with the appropriate County Tax Assessor’s office.  Owning unimproved land in the middle of nowhere is not a sign of wealth, either.  Any land owned should already have been improved upon, in the process of being improved upon, or he should be able to show you his plans for making improvements to the land in the near future, in which case he should have architectural drawings or plans, building permits, and contracts with construction companies.

Spending Habits

One way of telling whether you’re with a real life Sugar Daddy or a wanna-be Splenda Daddy is how he is spending money when you’re with him.  A real Sugar Daddy will let you to order what you want because he wants to pamper you.  He will, likewise, order the best that a restaurant has to offer.  If you go to a date and your POT Sugar Daddy only orders water, chicken or pasta, with no appetizer or he keeps questioning the waiters abouts discounts, sales, specials or exact pricing…  Well, he could be on a restricted or special diet, or possibly a health nut and have OCD, or he might need to be concerned with just how much he’s spending.  A truly wealthy Sugar Daddy will take you to places where prices are not listed. You don’t go to these places for the price, you go for the experience.  Likewise, if he wants to take you shopping, it won’t be to JCPenney’s, Sears, or Target.  A real Sugar Daddy wants the very best for you, so if you want Prada, you will have the real deal.

Is He Patient

A real Sugar Daddy is a gentleman and isn’t looking for just anybody to warm his bed.  A Sugar Baby is not someone that simply hikes her skirt or spreads her legs. SBs offer far more than mere sexual gratification.  If that’s all a man is looking for, there are much easier, less expensive ways to find it.  You should always remember that a Sugar Baby is not just a prostitute or an escort.  You’re not just a booty call.  You should never let any man, Sugar Daddy or not, treat you like less than you are or like some tawdry hooker.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve the utmost respect for sex workers, and I’m not here to slut shame, anyone.  However, they are far different from the Sugar Baby lifestyle and expectations, even if not everyone has the wit to understand the difference.  If a POT SD is pressuring you for sex, provide him the number of a local escort service that is more likely to offer what he’s looking for and keep searching for your real Sugar Daddy, who will treat you right.

Don’t be afraid to ask for proof to back up anything that a POT Sugar Daddy claims.  Don’t be put off by a charming smile and phrases like, “Why would I lie? or “Don’t you believe me?” or “Trust me.”  A successful Sugar Daddy might be modest about his wealth and success, but he shouldn’t outright refuse to talk about it.  He should know already that he’s going to be expected to prove his worth, and there’s nothing wrong with a pretty young Sugar Baby insisting on it.

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