Sugar Safety: The Sugar Baby’s Guide to Safe Dating in the Sugar Bowl

safe sugaring

Although there’s a lot about sugar dating that makes it a really refreshing alternative to traditional dating, it’s important to understand that some of the same principles still apply. For instance, it’s critical that you be careful and stay safe in how you pursue your sugar lifestyle, especially if you do all or most of your mingling online. The following are some tips to keep in mind for doing exactly that.

Protecting Yourself Online

The world of online sugaring is a wonderful place where you’ll no doubt meet lots of amazing potential sugar daddies. However, it’s essential that you protect yourself from any unsavory types that may be hanging around as well. Here’s how you do that.

Don’t recycle social media photos.

Resist the urge to recycle your favorite photos from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for use on your sugar dating profile. It makes it much too easy for someone to find out exactly who you are, as well as who your friends and family members are. In fact, you shouldn’t link your social media profiles to any of your online dating profiles. A little extra convenience isn’t worth your safety.

Do your sugaring on the best sites.

Not all sugar dating sites are created equally. Make sure you’re trusting your experience, your personal information, and your safety to a top tier site that takes the security of its members super seriously just like  Secret Benefits does. Not only will you be less likely to run into creeps in the first place, but you’ll have a better experience overall.

Choose your user name wisely.

Just as you don’t want to use the same photos you use elsewhere online, you’ll want to avoid choosing a user name that makes it too easy to figure out your identity or otherwise track you down. Don’t use your full name in your sugaring username or recycle usernames you use elsewhere online.

Be sensible about the information you give out.

Always exercise common sense when sugaring online. Don’t give out personal information right away (e.g. phone number, address, or full name). Never give anyone financial details online or share information that may compromise your safety (like that you live alone).

How To Meet Up Safely

Let’s say you do get to chat with a potential sugar daddy and the two of you like each other enough to be talking about meeting in person. You’ll still want to exercise caution, stay aware, and be vigilant. Here’s how.

Don’t wind up catfished.

Somewhere between chatting back and forth and actually meeting in person, you’ll want to make sure your would-be sugar daddy is who he appears to be. The best way to do this is by arranging a video chat via your interface of choice – Facebook, FaceTime, Skype, and so forth.

Choose a safe meeting place.

A first meetup should always happen someplace safe and public where it would be easy to get help if anything happened to go wrong. Choose a meeting place where there are bound to be lots of people, as well as let a couple of friends know where you’re going to be just in case.

Have your own transportation.

The last thing you want if something doesn’t go as planned is to be dependent on your date for a ride back home from wherever you are. Make sure you drive your own car or hire an Uber. It can’t hurt to have a friend on speed dial who you know can be counted on to pick you up in an emergency, no questions asked. Carry cash, a credit card, or both just in case as well.

Mind your drinks.

Always be careful when drinking on a first date. Yes, avoid having too much to drink in the first place, but also keep an eye on any drinks you do decide to have. It’s all too easy for someone to slip you something you won’t know about until it’s too late.

The sugar bowl is all in all a really great place to be, so hopefully you’ll never need to put an emergency plan into practice. It’s still best to be prepared though. Stay safe out there and happy sugaring!

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