How to Tell if a Sugar Daddy is Legit

As you navigate the paths of the sugar dating world, you’ll run into all different kinds of men. Some are going to be super awesome at Sugar Dating, most of them will be just okay, and a few are going to just totally suck. I’m sure it’s no news to you, and you’ve probably been hearing of stories of desperate men posing and faking to be Sugar Daddies, when what they only have is debts to their name.  Not all Sugar Daddies are who they appear to be, and it is important to flush out the phonies from the real Sugar Daddies

The Obvious

Of course, some scams or fakes will be obvious right away.  The most obvious is anyone whose first messages include requests for sexual favors, outright lewd comments, crass compliments, or other inappropriate requests.  These should not be responded to!  It’s best to block, and/or report them, if there’s an option for doing so.  Other immediate red flags include offers to view a particular website or requests to call a toll free number.  Another obvious sign is if their messages look like one of those Craigslist scammers with a request for a list of personal information like address, phone number, SS number, bank account info, etc.  Other creepers might employ tactics you’ve seen elsewhere, like unsolicited dick pics, requests for naked photos, nudes, or naughty pics, and requests for sexting.  While sugar dating sites are intended for helping Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies find each other, determined creepers, scammers, and general pervs can still find their way in, if they are willing to pay the fees.

You should report all such abuses of the site at once.  Keep a log of these, as often they will create hundreds of fake profiles, which often have a similar profile picture, about me information, or tagline.  You should, also, be leary of contact from men claiming to be someone important from another country, such as a general in Siberia, who then needs you to contact another man in the U.S. for funds transfers or who suggest that you come to their country.  Also, while not everyone has Master’s level English and typing skills, if it their phrasing makes you wonder if English is their first language (and their profile claims they are from the U.S.), there’s a good chance it’s just a foreign scammer.

The Less Obvious

Actions speak louder than words:  It is easy for any man to talk big, but do his actions back it up?  If he only ever talks about all of his grand vacations in Italy, but he does not offer to take you there with him, chances are his only Italian experience is at the pizza parlor.  Yes, he may always talk about how he is friends with Governor Schwarzenegger, but why is he not invited to the fundraising dinners?  Make sure that all of his bold statements are backed up by actions.

Real Estate Matters

There are thousands of men who drive fancy Mercedes Benzes, yet, they live in a studio apartment or with parents or other family members.  Do not let his shiny car lure you into thinking he’s a real Sugar Daddy.  Even the most expensive cars can be leased for a mere $1000 or less a month, but affording that is a far cry from being a millionaire.  If the Sugar Daddy is not hitched, do your best to see his property.  Real estate is hard to fake, and that is a great indicator of his value as a Sugar Daddy.  See if he is actually able to put his money into his lifestyle or not.

Generosity Speaks Volumes

There are two types of Sugar Daddies…  The ones that got it, and the ones that don’t.  The ones who have the ability to be a Sugar Daddy will lavish you with real gifts, like expensive dinners, shopping sprees, rent checks, and chauffeured dates.  The wannabe Sugar Daddies pretend to have the cash to spend, yet, they frown when you order vintage wine, and they meticulously inspect the dinner bill.  Steer clear of the penny pinchers, but instead find the real Sugar Daddies that have the generosity to spend on you.

Genuine SDs Will Demonstrate Chivalry

Sometimes you hear, chivalry is dead, but that’s really only in the lower classes.  You should be able to tell if he is chivalrous pretty quickly.  He should open your doors, pull out your chair, speak with a varied and sophisticated vocabulary, use please and thank you, and make you feel like a princess.  All of this should not be only for your benefit, either.  He should display these manners for other women you may encounter, as well as, waitstaff, Uber/Lyft/Taxi drivers, etc.

Genuine SDs Will Read your Profile

If your profile states that you are not into sex chats and the first thing he writes is all about sex, you know he hasn’t read your profile. Ladies, you know guys are 90% visual, but that doesn’t excuse not reading the profile. These should be big boys and a genuine SD will be more interested in getting to know you than getting “it” as soon as possible!

Fakes Are Only after One Thing

Never, at any point, settle for sexual contact with anyone who claims to be a SD until you’re comfortable and of course, safe in doing so. You shouldn’t let a man lure you into having sex before he has proven to be the real Sugar Daddy he claims to be and, of course, by this I mean providing you the agreed allowance consistently.  Just as in traditional dating, you may want to wait several dates with a man, Sugar Daddy or not, before agreeing to share your body with him. However long it takes…days, weeks, months…for YOU to feel comfortable sharing the most intimate parts of yourself with someone, never let a man pressure you into sex until you are ready. Just because he is providing you an allowance does NOT give him the right to demand sex now…or ever. That’s YOUR choice! The allowance he provides is only to help you with your expenses and to guarantee your availability to him when he wants to see you, but it doesn’t make you a sex slave.

You are a Sugar Baby, not a prostitute. Never let any man treat you like a hooker. A real Sugar Daddy will respect your choice to wait until the time is right for greater intimacy. If he can’t wait, he’s not legitimate. Give him the phone number of a local escort service and tell him he can find what he’s looking for there.

When you analyze the fundamentals of the situation, it is easy to sort the phonies from the real Sugar Daddies.  Tangibles count, and words are worth nothing in the Sugar Bowl.  Do not get swayed by a charismatic tongue that does not have the wallet to back it up.  With these evaluations in mind, go out there and get your legit Sugar Daddy!

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