Tips for Creating an Awesome Sugar Baby Profile

Crafting an impeccable sugar dating profile can be intimidating or scary . One is not quite able to guess what exactly their POT SD/SB wants, however as a Sugar Baby, you can attract POT Sugar Daddies by expressing yourself in the right manner on sugar dating sites. You will easily allure your way to a sugar dating relationship if you follow these simple guidelines while creating the best Sugar Baby profile.


List your key interests

This is usually more  easier said than done. When you’re faced with the task of listing your favorite hobbies, most Sugar Babies get confused and are not quite sure on what to really list. Well here’s what you need to remember. Ensure that you’re specific, but, also, not too unapproachable that you’ll end up driving POT SDs away. If you’re into reading, go further and even list your best author. If you like cooking or eating out, include your best cuisine or your favorite restaurant. The best way to find a thing in common with your POT is by mentioning it in the details.

Indicate your values

Are you a relationship type, or do you just want to have some fun while young? Are you looking forward to getting an allowance or to simply be taken on out to expensive dates? These facts are exactly the kind of things you need to list when giving out your ideals. Recognize what you want, and make it known in your profile. Don’t forget to make known what you don’t want. Must love cats/dogs?  Non-smokers only? The fastest way to a sugar dating catastrophe is a clashing of codes, which could have been easily avoided by being up front from the start

Real talk

Sugar dating frauds do exist. From the conniving catfish to sexual predators, it’s a big jungle out there. Honesty should be your best asset because most Sugar Daddies can easily smell bullshit. Starting a relationship with lies will only make things difficult and lead to a disappointing end. If you tell the truth, you are free to be yourself.

Check your Spelling

Every Sugar Daddy wants an intelligent counterpart. The fastest way to turn off an intelligent Sugar Daddy is by having spelling errors on your profile. Correct grammar is a rare thing in most of the millennials. If you’re not sure on your spelling prowess you can look for help from a friend who knows their way around with correct grammar or an app like Grammarly that checks for you.


Aside from important things to put into your profile, there are important things not to put in your profile, as well.  One of the fastest ways to make yourself a target for scammers is to let people know right away that you’re a newbie or that you aren’t sure about sugar dating.  Avoid using phrases similar to, “I’m new here” or “Just curious.”

Don’t make lists of things you want to have. Instead of saying, “I’m looking for a Rich Sugar Daddy to give me $4000 a month, take me to fancy restaurants, and fly me to Milan,” try, “If you’re my perfect SD, you’ll be generous, love fine dining, and traveling.”  Sugar Daddies already know that they will be opening their wallets when having a Sugar Baby on board, and, as such, will not appreciate being reminded of the fact.  Given the hype surrounding the idea of entitled millennials, that last thing you want is to look like you that have entitlement issues.

You need to also, avoid making lists of things that you don’t want.  Perhaps you have a specific type of SD you want. You shouldn’t go out directly and specify it on your profile. You should avoid outright stating, “Fat, jealous, and controlling Sugar Daddies need not apply.”  Instead, consider phrasing your wishes more positively, “You’re energetic, young, outgoing, and looking for an open arrangement with an intimate connection.”

Avoid making your SB profile sound like a laundry list focused on you. While your profile should be describing you and your interests, consider thinking and writing in terms of we.  “I enjoy culinary arts, and we can enjoy quiet evenings at home with farm to table meals made with love.”  Or, “I love dancing, and we can wow the social world with our amazing moves and connection on the dance floor.”

Your Pictures

While a picture can be worth a thousand words, your pictures are going to be worth one of two: Hot or Not. Images are the first thing people see to determine their interest level. Make it easy for them to get a feel for your appearance with these tips.

Get direct clear shots

Some people normally say this helps other POT to know your favorite hobbies, but you can save that for the profile text. A pic of you, say skiing, where you’re a size of a small ant comes across as a message “I look better from a distance.” More likely than not, people want to see what you look like close up.


Research is your best friend before and after creating a great Sugar Baby profile.  Check competitor profiles often, so that you can compare and contrast your own profile for what seems to be working and what doesn’t.  If another SB profile makes you cringe, make sure that yours doesn’t contain anything similarly cringe worthy.  And if you’re impressed by another Sugar Baby’s profile, consider what it is that wows you so much about that amazing Sugar Baby’s profile and use it as inspiration for creating your own unique Sugar Baby profile.

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