Top Five Tips to Become a Successful Sugar Baby

You may have been longing for the sugar dating phase in your life and now that you have a chance to dive into sugar dating, you’re not so sure on the dos and don’ts of this game. Well, worry no more. In today’s article, we get to look at how to proceed into sugar dating as a Sugar Baby. I am delighted at being your guide into the world of sugar dating

So basically, what is sugar dating? Well, sugar dating refers to a mutually beneficial arrangement between, (usually) a wealthy, older man, who’s referred to as a Sugar Daddy with a young, beautiful woman, who is normally referred to as a Sugar Baby.  Their abbreviations are usually SD and SB, and you may often see them on most sugar dating blogs and articles when referring to these relationships or arrangements.  While it’s assumed that this type of a relationship is based on sex, which sometimes it is, it’s most certainly not always case. Note this, Sugar Babies are not prostitutes or even escorts.  In fact, the most serious and legit sugar dating sites, prohibit their users from promoting themselves as either of these occupations.  A Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby type of relationship is much more than that where both parties benefit from the relationship for its duration.

To become successful as a Sugar Baby will mean more than just having a fine body with a pretty face and expensive tastes. Here are the best 5 tips to become a successful Sugar Baby.

1. Know what you want and stick to it

While it might seem look like a good idea to jump around you goals and try to be anything for any POT SD that comes along, as a Sugar Baby, it will make you lose your integrity and look as a wannabe or even a fake. A lot of Sugar Daddies are exceptionally wealthy old men, who’ve been here way before you and have seen it all.  They will easily tell when someone is badly faking and no one gets impressed by that.  It doesn’t matter the kind of a Sugar Baby you are looking to be, be it bold or shy, brunette or blonde, fiery vixen or a modest girl-next-door, there’s a POT SD who will be fascinated by that.  It’s always best as a Sugar Baby to decide who the best you is and try to stick with that very persona as you create your online Sugar Baby profile and image.  For instance, in case you do decide to be a modest and wholesome Sugar Baby, you shouldn’t appear on your first date with a POT Sugar Daddy in stripper heels, skin tight sheath dress, and porn make-up.

2. Practice your patience skills.

Even though It might be really tempting to grab the first offer a Sugar Baby receives from a POT Sugar Daddy, you certainly don’t want to come across as entitled or desperate. Even though there will be a constant fear of you losing your POT Sugar Daddy to another Sugar Baby, patience is definitely an important virtue that you will need in the sugar dating world. Sugar dating entails finding a Sugar Daddy. who not only will meet your own needs, but you need to find a SD that you will be willing and able to satisfy, too.  If it will be like a chore for you as a young Sugar Baby to spend time with a particular Sugar Daddy, he’s going to pick up on it before long, and then you’ll be without a benefactor real quick.  It’s always advised to take your time when it comes to finding a compatible Sugar Daddy, so as to not waste your time in short time sugar dating relationships.

3. Honesty is Key in Sugar Dating

Dating a wealthy old man is quite easy, convenient, and efficient. This is among the biggest advantages of sugar dating.  If a SD was interested in guessing around what a young woman wanted, he probably wouldn’t be looking for a Sugar Baby.  This is especially true of wealthy old Sugar Daddies who are very successful, and as we know, busy businessmen and entrepreneurs, their success is usually driven by efficiency.  These kind of eligible Sugar Daddies are busy and don’t have the time or the inclination to do guessing games when trying to figure out what their pretty Sugar Baby really wants.  Just like any other good business arrangement, both expectations need to be put out there right from the start, so that everyone in this kind of mutually beneficial relationship is well aware of where they stand with the other person.

4. Be precise about your needs and what you’ll be offering.

Once you find a Sugar Daddy who seems to be having everything you’re looking for, willing to accommodate your needs, and has needs that they want satisfied and that you’re willing and able to meet, you need to accurately outline in strict detail the terms of your mutually beneficial arrangement.  There may occur other issues to consider, in some cases, like how to initiate contact with your POT Sugar Daddy and whether one should; where and when to meet; and even the length of the relationship.  Some other factors to figure out will be what your compensation will entail, how often you will be compensated, and whether to expect gifts. As a Sugar Baby you might, also, want to consider if there are causes that might bring or be the grounds for relationship termination. For Sugar Babies this may include receiving late allowance packages, incomplete payments, or unusual requests, while on the Sugar Daddy side it may include too many last-minute cancellations, non-exclusiveness, or shocking demands that border on greedy, entitlement issues.

5. Don’t be a lazybone.

If you have been in a sugar dating relationship before, by now you should be aware that after a prolonged period of time during the dating a couple starts to get comfortable enough to a point of getting lazy about things that used to matter to you and most importantly your partner. As a Sugar Baby it’s your responsibility to put more care into this kind of arrangement. Things like personal grooming, your attire, matters of the bedroom/bathroom, and blowing off texts, calls, or emails, instead of responding quickly must all be maintained consistently. If a SD feels you’re slacking or aren’t living up to their expectations, which you agreed upon from the start or came to be expected, he may terminate this arrangement because he no longer sees it as mutually beneficial.

If you’ve set yourself up as a blazing vixen, you can’t open the door in a sloppy t-shirt and sweatpants with messy hair. You need to be understanding in case he gets comfortable enough to relax in your presence, and you can follow his cues on whether it’s okay for you to dress down.  But never nag him about his appearance or responses to calls, texts, or emails, unless there’s an issue with your compensation.

If you follow these considerations and other safe dating practices, you should be able to successfully navigate the sugar bowl, and find one or even more Sugar Daddies to provide for your needs.  Hopefully, these tips have helped you to think about your expectations and needs in a SD/SB relationship, if you have more questions, come back as I expand on these tips to help you be a successful Sugar Baby.

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