Be Organized


Success as a young Sugar Baby will depend on how organised you are from the get-go. Sugar Daddies are not naïve; they know that you are seeing and dating other men, but while they’re with you they want to believe that they are the only man that matters. If you get the name of their company or business wrong or even worse get their name wrong,or if you pick up a conversation you had with another rich Sugar Daddy, you will shatter the illusion, and it’ll likely be your last date with them. So be prepared. There’s no excuse for making elementary errors like this. The solution? A spreadsheet program.

Here, next to to the name of each, you’ll set out all the information you need to remember about them, from the basics, like how old he is to what he looks like, what he does, how much he makes, which dating sites he goes to, and his likes and dislikes. Pretty much anything that sets him out. This way you, also, get a record of who the ones to avoid in future are. You can, also, include details of each date.

You will have to meet with a lot of potential Sugar Daddies before you find the right one. This can sometimes take a little time and mean a lot of drink dates, a lot of faces, names, and  information. Don’t make life hard for yourself by not organising properly.

Another non-negotiable tool for a Sugar Baby is a scheduling app. As soon as you have arranged a meet, it needs to go straight into your phone. If you are planning on more than one date on the same night, you especially need to prepare. Remember, you are going to have a lot of information coming your way. The more dates you have in a short space of time, the greater the danger of a mess up, the more organised you have to be. You can use different labels for different plans. Maybe you have just decided to grab a drink at some point, so you use a blue label for general. Or you could have a possible time, date, and place picked out, so you go with red for more specific. If you have settled on the when and where, you’re now scheduled, so you go with green. So now, with one glance at your calendar, you will know what you have coming up.

This system, also, helps you to prioritise, as you work your system to find your next rich older Sugar Daddy. If a clash between two promising prospects crops up, you can know in an instant which one would be safest to reschedule, depending on the plans you made with each.

You can, also, use this system to prompt a date to action. If it isn’t confirmed, yet, but a potential time has been set to meet, send a text the day before, saying how much you’re looking forward to it. Now he’s most likely to respond, either confirming or rescheduling. This way you have made him feel he’s important, and there is less chance of him standing you up.

As soon as your relationship with your wealthy Sugar Daddy moves from the site to either text or email then you need to get all of his details into your phone, as soon as you can. You are going to need to contact him, and you, also, don’t want any unknown numbers flashing up.

Eventually, you will find a way to stay organised that works best for you. You may not find it straight away, but don’t worry and experiment until you do. Remember, the most important thing is that whatever method you use, it should help you to quickly pull up all you need to know about your potential Sugar Daddy whenever you need to see it.

So there is certain Sugar Daddy information you are going to need logged for each one you’re considering: age, screen name, looks, income, and lifestyle details, at the least. For those with the most promise, you’re, also, going to want to go ahead and include more particular and interesting things picked out of his site profile to bring up during the date. This may seem like a lot of work and a lot of things to remember, but it’s the details that will help you decide in the end who is your ideal rich Sugar Daddy.

Remember that your opinion might, also, change as you spend more time with him. If you are ranking each potential new Sugar Daddy, make sure you update and review his position often, as you learn more about him.

Even if you decide not to carry on dating him for now, you never know if you are going to run into him again in the future. He may look like more of a prospect in the future, and you will still have everything you need to know about him ready to go back to, as needed. It’s, also, useful to keep track of ones to avoid in future.

Prior to each date, you should take time to carefully review everything you know about the potential wealthy older Sugar Daddy you are about to see. You must be able to convince him that he is the only man that matters, even if you are seeing several others. It won’t be long before you narrow down and identify the right Sugar Daddy or even several Sugar Daddies for you, if you decide not be exclusive.

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