Decide What You Really Want

The phrases ‘Sugar Daddy’ and ‘Sugar Baby’ get thrown around quite a bit these days, without anyone understanding the dynamic that comes with being a “Sugar Daddy” or “Sugar Baby.”

There are hundreds of dating websites where a young attractive woman can meet their ideal rich Sugar Daddy at the click of a mouse. Understanding yourself and the dynamic that comes with being a Sugar Baby, is of utmost importance to make the budding companionship a long and healthy one. Many of these Sugar Babies are students, looking to fund their own way through college or to simply live a more expansive way of life (everybody loves to spend some money now and then).

A wealthy older Sugar Daddy usually doesn’t have much time on his hands but because of this, he is wealthy in monetary terms. A rich Sugar Daddy isn’t interested in your usual run of the mill relationships, that he can find elsewhere. He enjoys his space and time to get on with his business endeavors, usually only calling upon the attractive Sugar Baby at certain times, suited to his needs. Understanding this and giving a Sugar Daddy space, will help the relationship be a long and fruitful one.

If you really want to be a Sugar Baby, there are a few steps a woman must follow to ensure this lifestyle is one she wants. The first of the many steps involved is to decide what you really want.

Before merely signing up on one of the sites, deciding what you really want from the relationship, is the most important step. Deciding this now will save you time in the future. Look at the following questions below, decide on the correct answers, for you, and take your first steps on your journey to be a Sugar Baby……

  • What kind of relationship are you looking for?
  • What do you want out of the relationship? A cash allowance? Help with tuition? A car? Just looking to get something extra? (expensive dates, jewelry, shoes/clothes, trips)?
  • A business mentor or startup investor?
  • What are you willing to offer?
  • What are you not willing to provide?
  • What age range are you looking for and is it realistic?
  • How much time can you give a Sugar Daddy?
  • How long do you want the relationship to last?
  • Are you willing to commit exclusively to one Sugar Daddy or not?
  • Do you want to have a single Sugar Daddy?

By answering these questions, you will get a better understanding of what kind of Sugar Daddy you are looking for and how tolerant or flexible you will be with different scenarios. Deciding what you ultimately want and need as a Sugar Baby is the most vital question and coming up with an answer, shouldn’t be taken lightly at all. Coming up with the best arrangement and terms is what you are here for and by knowing exactly what your needs entail, as a Sugar Baby, will go a long way in getting the best arrangement, suited to you.

There is no set definition of what types of Sugar Babies there are, however, generally speaking, they can be classified into the following groups, depending on what they are looking for:

“Cash is King” Sugar Baby

Is money the main goal you are looking to achieve? If so then you might be a Cash is King Sugar Baby type, and you are only interested in the monthly allowance that will come with being a Sugar Baby. You won’t be interested in catching feelings of any kind, and you can be swayed into having more than one Sugar Daddy at a time (not advisable though). Whatever you need the money for, isn’t for the Sugar Daddy to know and ‘Cash is always King’ in this scenario.

“Spoil Me” Sugar Baby

This Sugar Baby loves to be showered in gifts, be taken on fancy dates, have exclusive around the world trips, and live the ultimate life of luxury. The Sugar Baby in this scenario isn’t too perturbed about what they receive, as long as the gifts come rolling in. They like to have their living expenses and all the decisions taken care of by the Sugar Daddy and aren’t phased if they have cash on them or not. The ‘Spoil Me’ Sugar Baby will go into a relationship that is known as a Gift Daddy type.

“Friend and Mentor” Sugar Baby

The Sugar Baby over here, isn’t after cash or gifts alone. Sure, they love to get spoilt, but they are after something so much more. A successful career, lasting business connections, and a mentor is what this Sugar Baby is after. Because the Sugar Daddy is usually a successful businessman, with powerful contacts, it makes sense for the young Sugar Baby to make the most of these contacts and further advance their own career.

“Marry Me” Sugar Baby

The type of Sugar Baby here is all in the heading. This Sugar Baby is looking to share the sanctity of marriage with the Sugar Daddy. This type of a commitment is a long term one as not all wealthy Sugar Daddies are looking for marriage. Make it known that you are seeking marriage, right from the start and the right Sugar Daddy will arrive on your doorstep. The Marry Me Sugar Baby is after the biggest jackpot with marriage, but the dynamic is one of the most difficult to overcome.

Step one and deciding what you really want is the most vital step and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you are serious about finding the best rich Sugar Daddy for you, use step one diligently and to your advantage. Now, the way forward from here, is to sign up with a site, like Secret Benefits, and find the perfect Sugar Daddy that you really want.

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