Do your Research

Taking your first steps into the world of being a Sugar Baby, isn’t as safe as one might think. The sugar dating world is still filled with the usual liars and scammers, as any other dating website would be. An efficient Sugar Baby should be able to do proper research and weed out the liars from the potential, real Sugar Daddies. Researching on who the Sugar Daddy is, what line of work he is into, his criminal history, and if he is who he says he is, is with no doubts about his information, are the most important steps of the research process.

The Sugar Daddy should live up to your expectations and if any discrepancies are found in even the not so important information he has supplied, well, he could be hiding a much bigger lie as well. Follow the tips below to make sure you find out as much information as humanly possible, so your experience seeking a wealthy Sugar Daddy can be a magical one.

Gather all the information you can.

Many online sugar dating features have been set up in such a way that it protects you as the young Sugar Baby. Make the most of the features available at your disposal and all the liars should be averted. Most of the information on the site must be verified by the site itself, so if the POT Sugar Daddy you are after seems somewhat promising use the verification processes, and you will be on your way to finding the most suitable match.

Check if the Sugar Daddy’s pictures are real and the profile is verified.

The great thing about the current online sugar bowl world is that there is so much information available to a user. To check if the pictures on the Sugar Daddy profile are real, simply do a quick Google reverse image search, you will be able to see if it is in fact the real Sugar Daddy you are speaking to and the images haven’t been stolen from other sources. If the site makes the Sugar Daddy verify photos, this will appear on a badge of some kind in the actual profile picture. If not then use the Google method.

Social media is your friend.

Almost everyone out there today has a social media account regardless of the age of the person. If the POT SD  is who he says he is, then he would have one, if not more, social media channels that he is on. The way the world is set up, 99 percent of accredited businesses have an online following. Use this to your advantage and don’t be afraid to search the potential Sugar Daddy through these channels. It’s not considered stalking, you are just keeping your bases covered. Check the activity of the Sugar Daddy, and you will get a good idea if this is the same person you are talking to or not. The Account is on private and you can’t see much? Check the About Me section, and you can still get enough information, to see that everything matches up.

Verify various platforms.

Checking one platform isn’t always the safest bet. Accounts can be made up, and you won’t be quite sure. When in doubt do a quick Google search and see if the accounts match up. A Sugar Daddy can, also, have a common name, and it might not be the most accurate way. Have no fear as online dating websites verify the information and link social media platforms to their accounts often. Take Instagram for example, it might be linked to the Sugar Daddies profile, and you can access it to see all the pictures and videos of the Sugar Daddy.

Do a complete background check if you wish.

The potential Sugar Daddy you speaking to seems promising? But some things still don’t add up? Consider doing a complete background check on his previous address, work information, work history, associated people, and criminal record. Some people might frown upon this and feel it is excessive, but once again, you are just covering all your bases. Be aware this background check won’t likely be free, but will be worth it in the end, for your own peace of mind.

In the end, doing as much research as possible is all up to you as the Sugar Baby. Researching the potential Sugar Daddy should be done thoroughly and correctly. If you do find any other discrepancies, and a Sugar Daddy isn’t who he says he is, send out an alert to help other Sugar Babies, who might, also, be chatting to him. Take note of the lies and warning signs for future interactions with any Sugar Daddies, so you can easily identify the liars and not waste your time in the  future.

Take your time in meeting any Sugar Daddies after a couple of online conversations. There is no rush, and you should trust your instincts, if you feel something is off then you can be sure it usually is. If you haven’t taken much time and agreed to meet the Sugar Daddy already, meet in a public place where you know it will be quite busy. Get to know the potential Sugar Daddy first hand to see if there is a real connection. If you aren’t feeling anything and ultimately don’t like the Sugar Daddy, it is imperative that you end it quickly and move on.

You think it has gone well after a couple of dates? Then you’re on your way to being the Sugar Baby you want to be and have a better life for it. Doing all the proper research, will lead you down the right path to finding the best Sugar Daddy that there is for you.

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