Keeping my Sugar Daddy

Now that you taken all the steps to find a Sugar Daddy for you, we must take some time to go over the ways of keeping your Sugar Daddy. If you think that discovering one is hard, then now let’s just make peace with the idea of keeping one is ten times harder. All your time and effort made to discover one can turn south in simply one false move. Many ladies who are new in this believe that as quickly as you enter into an arrangement that is most definitely mutually beneficial, then they are safe and there’s little to no chance of them being dumped by their respective Sugar Daddies. You will be amazed to know the number of Sugar Babies that are discarded every day because of something you may believe to be quite negligible. This step will be committed to discovering the most efficient techniques and ways of keeping the rich Sugar Daddy you chose for yourself.

There are lots of various reasons why a Sugar Daddy may alter his arrangement or things that can lead to the falling apart of the arrangement and relationship. You will generally lose you mind in stressing over it, if you keep track of all the reasons and situations which might result in your Sugar Daddy leaving you. It’s better to focus on the things you can do to keep his beneficial attentions instead.

Adhere to the Agreement

This needs to always be the first thing that you think about. If there’s one sure way to lose a Sugar Daddy, it’s if you do not follow what was agreed upon to the letter. You need to constantly bear in mind all the terms and rules of the agreement. Even if you didn’t officially document a formal agreement, you should still write down your obligations, so that you can reference them as needed. If your scenarios change and your arrangement needs to be changed, speak with your Sugar Daddy about it immediately rather of attempting to conceal it or work around it on your own. If you do accidentally make a mistake and breach a part of the arrangement, you can try to repair it by doing something special.

Exceed Expectations

To make sure that he does not choose any one of the other Sugar Babies out there over you, act according to the contract and do not take anything for granted. Keep a note of all the things that your Sugar Daddy likes and try to do or include them into your interactions more often. And, similarly, it’s not a bad idea to keep track of all the things which he hates or dislikes, so these things can be prevented, too.  The more you can do without being directly asked, the better.  You should make yourself someone who’s attentions he can’t imagine being without.

Pay Attention to Details

Sometimes simply basic things like a Sugar Baby appearing on time or early, dressing up, and paying attention to him are all that is needed. In time you ought to be able to read your Sugar Daddy pretty easily. You should find out the indications of when he s had an especially stressful day, week, and so on. If you understand he’s had a lot going on, you could be prepared with his preferred comfort items, perhaps a particular beverage or offer to do a massage. Learn exactly what he is likely to want when he’s in an excellent mood or feeling lively. Discover what his preferred colors are on you or his favorite attire and find more products in comparable designs. Learn exactly what things, even seemingly insignificant ones, irritate him and attempt to avoid these, too.

Be Accommodating and Patient

The very same may not be possible for your Sugar Daddy. You want him to be busy, since as long as he’s successful, he can afford to keep you in style. As long as you are still being cared for, there’s no reason to make a hassle if he’s late or cancels or forgets small details about you.  You’re meant to add to his quality of life, not be a drag.

Juggling Multiple Sugar Daddies

Not every Sugar Daddy demands fidelity, especially, if he’s not able to see you regularly. While you’re with any one particular Sugar Daddy, he should feel like he’s the only one. Glance over your notes and try not to think about any of the other Sugar Daddies you might be seeing, too, when you’re one-on-one with any specific one.  While it’s natural to have favorites, if you’re going to attempt having multiple Sugar Daddies, you can’t let any of them know they aren’t a favorite.  They should all think they are special in your heart.  And indeed, they all should have a special place in your life.  If you dread seeing a particular Sugar Daddy, it’s probably not a good idea to continue the relationship with him.  If you aren’t enjoying your time with him, then what’s the point?

Even if you’ve done everything right, something can go wrong.  Sometimes, nothing goes wrong, just circumstances change making the relationship no longer necessary for one of you.  If the relationship should come to an end, be graceful in accepting it.  It’s not likely that begging him to stay is going to accomplish anything besides making you look pathetic and desperate.  If you’ve been smart, you should have a rainy day fund saved so you can take care of yourself while looking for a new Sugar Daddy.  Most investors suggest everyone have 3-6 months worth of expenses saved up in case of an emergency, and I would strongly suggest all Sugar Babies attempt to do this, too.  You should, also, keep in mind that sooner or later, you might not be able to be a Sugar Baby anymore, perhaps due to age, illness, pregnancy, or due to career needs, and you’ll need to be able to support yourself or have entered into a marriage with your Sugar Daddy, but you shouldn’t count on that option.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations!  Check back to read my blog as I offer more tips, tricks, and suggestions for Sugar Babies!

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