Preparing for the First Date

If you have actually gotten passed the phase of sifting through your choices of abundantly wealthy older men and have selected the very first one you wish to start on, it’s time to go forward with your first date. Be sure that you’ve read all of the previous guides and have thoroughly researched your potential Sugar Daddy and are sure that you are a match. If all has worked out up until now, then it is time for you 2 to connect in person. Preferably, you will meet in a public place utilizing different transports. There are a few things that you need to consider when preparing for your very first meeting.

On your very first date, as a single, young lady, you should plan for a public place. It is alright to meet at a place of his choosing, however, do a little research first to be sure that it is appropriate, if it’s a location of which you are not already familiar. If he suggests a sushi bar but you have a shellfish allergy or just plain don’t like fish, you must mention it rather than agreeing and then being unpleasant throughout the entire meal.

You should, likewise, consider your transportation arrangements. Your Sugar Daddy may offer to pick you up, however, this would be a risky option to accept. No matter how enjoyable he may have appeared so far, it is best that you not permit a virtual stranger to learn where you live without knowing him much better and making certain he can be relied on. There’s, likewise, the possibility of the date not working out, in which case you would be reliant on him to return you house securely. If you don’t have your own automobile, you could have a friend drop you off and either remain in the area or be prepared to retrieve you, or you could take an Uber or Lyft. However You decide to get here, make sure that you are on time. Punctuality is important for Sugar Babies, as busy Sugar Daddies don’t appreciate wasting their time waiting.

Once you’ve chosen where to meetup, you ought to dress appropriately. Remember the kind of Sugar Baby that you have decided to be and be sure to dress to match that image. You will, obviously, want to look your best. Do not go overboard and end up looking fake, either. You might, also, think about how much time, effort, and possibly money you’re willing to invest into looking your best all the time and not simply for this date.  You’ll be expected to maintain this image, so be sure it’s one that you can do comfortably first.

Simply in case it’s not apparent, we’ll discuss some ideas every Sugar Baby needs to follow for success.

It’s said that cleanliness is next to godliness, and it will help your confidence levels, too. It’s simple to miss some part of your toilette when nervous or thrilled, so consider developing a checklist, so that you don’t inadvertently skip anything. It may look something like this:

  • Shower
  • Moisturize
  • Dress
  • Make up
  • Scent/Perfume
  • Pack touch up makeup
  • Wallet/ID

As you’re getting all set, you ll want to be thinking about discussion subjects to keep your Sugar Daddy amused. It is crucial to be seen as a cultured and poised Sugar Baby. While many Sugar Babies cultivate conversation skills, you need to think of small ways to make your conversational skills stand out from the others.  You don’t want to sound like you’re acting off of a script, but it’s a good idea to have some conversational ideas memorized, so that you can pull them out whenever it might be needed to avoid any awkward silences.

Don’t hesitate to offer yourself a pep talk, too, specifically if you’ve had an unpleasant day before the date. Of course, you can’t take any of that baggage with you to the date. Remember the objectives that you wish to attain as a young Sugar Baby. Advise yourself of the important things you desire and exactly what you’re seeking in a Sugar Daddy. Go over and over how you’re going to act and the individual that you wish to be. Stay positive and take that energy with you on your date.

Aside from things that you ought to do, there are numerous things that you must not do, too. Doing the incorrect thing on your first date can end your chances of making a good match quickly.

It would be extremely humiliating to be intoxicated at your first meetup.  While some men might not mind a lush, especially if they think it means they can more easily get you to have sex with them, it’s not a good image to have as a good Sugar Baby. You should, also, keep an eye on his drinking, so that you are not stuck with a Sugar Daddy who can not manage his liquor.  While it’s possibly, he’s just nervous and seeking courage in the bottle, it doesn’t speak well of how things will be going forward if he gets flat drunk on a regular basis.

Don’t keep your cellular phone out and ensure that it is on a quiet or silent setting, maybe even Do Not Disturb.  If you are expecting an unavoidable phone call, you should mention this upfront and avoid using your phone for anything else. You want to show that you can focus your complete attention on him. An ill-timed ringtone or repeat message tone can be disruptive and frustrating. Your Sugar Daddy may need to keep his phone out to keep tabs on business or other crucial, individual matters. A Sugar Baby needs to be understanding about this. Your Sugar Daddy doesn’t have to be so understanding about your negligence.

If all goes well, you’ll be one step closer to entering into the mutually beneficial arrangement you’ve been seeking with your POT SD.  If all does not go well, don’t let it get you down.  Consider it a learning experience and move on to the next Sugar Daddy.

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