Second Contact: The Phone Call

Before jumping into a face-to-face meeting, however, a clever Sugar Baby must arrange to speak over the phone with any rich older Sugar Daddy. In some cases, the phone call can let you quickly figure out that you’re not as good of a connection as you believed, and it’s better to know that before going through the hassle of a very first date and then having it end up being awkward for both of you.

In the age of emails, IMs, and texting, it is possible to not have a telephone call. However, when it has to do with dating, especially online sugar dating, the conversations through phone are still an inherent part of the dating procedure. Essentially, you need to first hear your POT Sugar Daddy’s voice before meeting up with him.

In addition, for many people the simple act of conversing through the phone is nerve racking, specifically when you have never ever meet this particular Sugar Daddy before now. The initial impression you make over the telephone call is genuinely essential. Different from an email correspondence, you cannot proofread what you say before saying it, without awkward pauses, anyway. They can not read your facial expressions while you’re having a phone conversation, but the more relaxed you are, the better and simpler your conversation on the phone will be.

So, here are some pointers that can aid you to get through that first ever telephone call with your Sugar Daddy and set that date.

When you have sparked the interest of your possible Sugar Daddy and have a correspondence going on, he will eventually give you his number or request for yours. At which point you have the opportunity to move the correspondence to direct texting and phone calls. This is very good as this suggests that he wishes to get to know you much better and has an interest in making you his Sugar Baby. You ought to currently be prepared for this step in your relationship, if your chats have been going well.

One thing you should think about is having an extra cell phone that is specifically for communicating with Sugar Daddies. Another option is to use an app that gives your own phone a 2nd number to protect your private information.  A third option is to use an app like Skype for handling calls like this.

One very important thing not to forget is how much battery life your phone has.  If your phone is at even half power, you should plug your phone into a quick charger for the duration of the call.  If your call gets dropped because your phone dies, you’ll come across as unorganized, forgetful, or irresponsible.  However, if you need an out from a bad conversation, claiming your phone is about to die is a great excuse!

In a lot of young Sugar Babies’ experiences, wealthy Sugar Daddies frequently will request for you to send your picture, more specifically a new selfie, to prove that the contact number is accurate. There is nothing wrong in asking for his picture, also. It is merely fair game so you can confirm who he states he is from his profile, too.  This request should be just for identity confirmation. If he is asking for nudes, naked pictures, sexy pictures, or anything that seems inappropriate or makes you uncomfortable, you should simply refuse and either move on or send something appropriate.

You shouldn’t have to be scared to be yourself when you text. It is tough to read context by text. You can keep it enjoyable and toss in some exclamation points and emojis to reveal some of your character. This will let your Sugar Daddy understand how delighted you are to be chatting with him and how excited you are to get to know him, too.  Once you move on to phone calls, you can convey a lot more through tone of voice and word choice.  You’ll want to make sure that you speak clearly and enunciate your words distinctly.  An older Sugar Daddy is going to get tired of asking you to repeat yourself if you speak too quickly or too quietly for him to understand you.  If he does ask you to repeat something, it’s important to avoid sounding like you’re annoyed by it.  You should be patient with him, especially if he’s an especially older Sugar Daddy, who may have hearing difficulties.

While you don’t want you phone call to sound fake or too rehearsed, like you’re reading from a script, it’s a good idea to make an outline or list of conversational topics that you can draw from in case you freeze or the conversation lulls on its own.  You might ask him to elaborate on a topic that you’ve discussed before through chats or ask him to tell you more about his career or other interests.  Asking him a question is a sure way to keep the conversation going, and in addition, it will let him know you’re interested in what he has to say and not just only talking about yourself.  Try to avoid inane topics like the weather, unless you have something particularly interesting or useful to say about it or use it as a segue to another conversational topic.  For example, “It’s been awfully cold lately, huh?” is useless, while “When it’s cold like this I love to (insert an activity or two here), what do you enjoy doing when it’s cold?” leads to more information gathering for both of you.

Other topics to avoid are cliche type conversational gambits like, “Tell me your fantasies,” or “Tell me a secret,” or anything that might suggest you’re offering phone sex, now or in the future.  In addition, you shouldn’t be careful to avoid anything overly personal like women’s issues or that could be used to stalk you, keeping in mind that things like specifically where you live should only be provided to a Sugar Daddy once you’re sure he’s safe and someone you want to pursue.

It might sound frightening meeting a wealthy older man, a lot more so when it’s your first time. While general nervousness should be pushed aside, you should still trust your instincts. If you think there is something off, and you feel something unusual about a certain Sugar Daddy, then you should not continue with him. You will discover another Sugar Daddy that will be interested in you, so you shouldn’t be worried about accepting the first one that comes along.

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