Weeding Out the Rejects

As you may already understand, not every Sugar Daddy is going to be your ideal match. Sometimes, your characters simply do not fit or your requirements or schedules are just not suitable. In many cases, the reason is that you wind up finding something that disqualifies him after your research. Possibly among the reasons is that he does not have sufficient earnings; he lies about his position or business; he lies about his real relationship status or worse; he has some sort of criminal history. You have to be prepared to state No and really stick to it. You likewise have to safeguard yourself against a Sugar Daddy not wanting to take it seriously, which is totally possible.

Some Sugar Daddies are sweet talkers, and you should definitely not ever trust sweet talkers. You might simply want to have some enjoyable compliments for a minute, a date or 2, but you certainly do not want to be lied to when the time comes to make an arrangement, so you should be careful not to be drawn in by a POT SD with nothing to offer but pretty words.  Be wary of anyone that seems to say everything you want to hear.

Sometimes you just don’t feel a connection or spark to work with, and there’s no other “good” reason for not continuing to pursue an arrangement.  While it is often not “love at first sight” in these kinds of relationships, you should at least be able to have a foundation to build from with mutual interests, a shared sense of humor, or something you wish to learn from him. While it’s polite to let someone know plainly that you aren’t interested instead of ghosting, your reasons do not have to be acceptable to him.  His understanding of your rejection is not required, and you should not allow yourself to be convinced that you’re reasoning is flawed or that there’s something wrong with you.  This is a sure sign of a narcissist, and a good indication that your rejection of him was spot on.

If the Sugar Daddy is still relentlessly pursuing you after you declined him, you can tell him not to squander his time on you in a kind fashion. Even though as a single, young woman you may want to have brand-new experiences and thrills and have fun on a date, it’s not an efficient concept to indulge a Sugar Daddy not committed to a mutually beneficial arrangement with a Sugar Baby.

While most sugar dating sites have an easy way for you to report any Sugar Daddies who are behaving inappropriately on their site, sometimes the harassment goes on off the site.  In extreme cases, a declined Sugar Daddy might refuse entirely to be dismissed. If you have any reasons to believe that a Sugar Daddy has actually become a threat to you, there are legal steps that you can take to eliminate the risk. If you have kept records of his harassment of you and any dangers to your safety, you can file a report with the cops and acquire a protective order that will make it prohibited for him to contact you or come near you.

It is not often easy to reject a possible Sugar Daddy. If you are going to find the finest Sugar Daddy for your needs, you should be stringent in your requirements and pursue them relentlessly. If you stick to your goals then you are sure to find just the ideal Sugar Daddy to make all of your dreams come true.

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