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Today we take a look at the sugar dating site, which over the years has described itself as the top spot for providing for all types of the mutually beneficial dating arrangements. The website main page seems quite professional, so that has been properly done, which is a plus, of course, for the site. It does however, also, mention that the website is made up of more than just beautiful Sugar Babies and rich Sugar Daddies, allowing for a variety of dating options.  It, also, claims to be completely free for all the Sugar Babies, so I decided to give it a try.  After all my interactions, from the creation of one’s profile and everything else about this site, Arrangement Finders can be fairly rated  3.5 Stars having bonuses like it being a free and an easy site to use with its cons being a low selection of eligible Sugar Daddies. Signing up and Creating a Profile

The sugar dating site home page has a slogan saying, “You don’t need to be wealthy to have a Mutually Beneficial Arrangement.”  Which was obviously a concern for me, since like any other Sugar Baby, I’m searching for a single rich Sugar Daddy to be with, not just any old guy.  There’s, also, another heading at the bottom of the site which indicates, “Members using Arrangement Finders” having some pictures of young, pretty girls.  However, beneath these pictures, there’s another disclaimer that states, “These are not actual members of Arrangement Finders.”  This didn’t sound quite clear to me, but it was just several pictures of Sugar Babies, so it wasn’t of much interest to me.  I would much rather be the only hot Sugar Baby on the site, anyway.  The sign up I must admit is quite simple and very straightforward for anyone, and it does indeed seem to be actually entirely free for ladies.  The site had no banners or ads for any kind of account upgrades, which is really a awesome change from most other sugar dating sites.  There’s a verification e-mail that has a link to be getting “tips for safer dating” which is a quite a good suggestion.

Subscription Prices

This sugar dating site does live up to it’s promise of no subscription fees for Sugar Babies.  For once, there’s a site that keeps its word about this!  Sugar Babies in this dating site have got a full, complete, and unlimited access to all of the features of this sugar dating website, these are flirts, private photos, instant messages, and contacting profiles directly.  Most sugar dating sites require everyone to have a special upgraded or premium account so as to actually reach out to anyone of interest, making Sugar Babies to have to pay for access or to have to wait around for any interested rich Sugar Daddy to find her first.

The site has got a tab on the profile page meant for purchases, even though it’s a blank page.  The only fee which one may voluntarily choose to pay is having one’s profile page “featured” for just $0.99 a day, making the potential cost for Arrangement Finders about $30 a month.  This option is completely optional, and they are not obnoxious on suggesting that you have a featured profile.  There’s just a small block of text that comes up when your mouse passes over another featured profile.

Website Features

Arrangement Finders’ features are pretty basic and standard, things like quick searches and filters for body type, eye color, hair and keywords, and distance. However, there are also a number of unique options.  Among the unique features include sending someone a flirt, similar to a wink on other dating sites.  On top to that, Arrangement Finders gives its users the option of creating an automatic response to flirts sent to you.  Sugar Babies may be able to choose from either one of their two preset messages or create a custom response encouraging Sugar Daddies to send you an actual “custom” message.  Another awesome feature is that one can refine their search options to comprise of being able to filter for people available for a date tonight.  This is a great option for those of you looking to meet someone right away or just have a companion for a night out.

Profile Page

The profile segment for this site is pretty short and sweet; perhaps too much.  There is, also, a page of extra questions, which can be a bit tacky as they include things like what is your dream vacation, 3 words to describe yourself, what can you offer, what celebrity you look like, and even how often you go to the gym.

Search Results

Despite the site’s free access policy, there’s, not much to actually access with this dating site.  Many of the POT SD here have incomplete profiles, very little will provide enough information about themselves, or several even blatantly make requests for Sugar Babies to contact them on other sites or at least off-site, often through a provided e-mail address.  Frequently, this is accompanied by the explanation that they don’t have a paid account and cannot receive messages through Arrangement Finders.  This was disheartening, to say the least.  I mean, why not just come out and say, “Hi, I’m broke wanna fuck?”  I guess they took the suggestion that anyone can have a mutually beneficial arrangement a little too seriously.  There were very few attractive Sugar Daddies, to begin with in my search results and having half of these without paid or premium accounts, suggests that they wouldn’t be able to afford the kind of dates I deserve or support me with an easy Sugar Baby lifestyle.

Conclusion of Review

So, I had mixed feelings about the Arrangement Finders site.  Some of the wins for the site include:

  • FREE
  • Easy to set up
  • No hidden fees
  • Filters for finding immediate Sugar Daddy dates

However, the lack of complete hot Sugar Daddy profiles was a definite fail.  Still, I give Arrangement Finders 3.5 stars because it has potential.  And being free, it doesn’t hurt to keep the profile active and check back frequently for new members.  One never knows where that perfect Sugar Daddy might be found, so it is a good idea to look in multiple places.  I will be keeping my Arrangement Finders profile, but, I will, also, be continuing to hunt for a better site for a mutually beneficial arrangement.  Check back again soon as I review another site for finding your Sugar Daddy match.

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