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Today is on our radar, and we shall be reviewing the sugar dating site today to see whether it’s a NO-GO site or if Sugar Babies can actually meet their dream Sugar Daddies. Sadly, don’t waste even another second trying to sign up to this website. It will only make your search harder. From the minute the dating site loads as you’re trying to access it, you’ll realize that this is not the site for any good Sugar Baby who is in search of a legitimate Sugar Daddy. The site’s landing page is a horrible collage of topless supposed Sugar Babies pictures with ads of “horny women” who want sex.  There’s no difference of this site with a porn site. Plus, even though the site claims to be completely free, that’s completely a lie. I was lured into signing up to be a member, and the minute I did that I immediately regretted it. After a brief tour of the site, a 1-star is the best the dating site can ever be rated. Read the following review to know why Find Sugar Babies is nothing more than a scam designed to rip you off. Signing up and Creating a Profile

When signing up on the website, you first have to answer a few questions to see if you qualify. I was stunned by the crude qualifying questions: “Have you ever tried anal?” and “Do you like receiving oral sex?” Then it will inform you whether you qualify for their service or not.   It will then prompt you for a username, a valid email address, and a password.  The next screen has text blocks for a Sugar Baby profile headline, about me, mobile number for text alerts, and other general information.  The next screen is all about their sugar dating subscription for a premium gold account, which they are very, very pushy about trying to sell.

Subscription Charges

The Find Sugar Babies payment prices vary depending on the number months you’ll be signing up for at a time. As you’ll see below, is not such an expensive sugar site, but it is not an inexpensive sugar dating site, either.

Subscription prices for Find Sugar Babies are as follows:

  • Quick Access 3 day trial: $2.97, then $39.95 per month
  • 1 month subscription: $29.95
  • 3 month subscription: $74.85
  • 6 month subscription: $119.70

Gold Membership

This basic membership for an attractive Sugar Baby is free and allows Sugar Babies to have a profile, and that’s about it.  You have to have a paid subscription to contact anyone on the site directly.  And despite all of the pop-ups I received claiming to be interested Sugar Daddies, none of these supposedly hot Sugar Daddies responded back to me, which is a red flag for bots and fake profiles.  And of course, without signing up for a Gold Membership, you can’t respond to any of these messages, anyway.

Some of the Find Sugar Babies premium features are:

  • Live chat instant messenger
  • View and upload unlimited pics
  • Members only live cam access
  • Top search results placement
  • Sending and receiving emails
  • Smart match detection

The Profile Page

After completing my set up for the account and got to the Sugar Baby profile page, I immediately got a bunch of pop-ups with questions from POT Sugar Daddies.  I didn’t even have a complete profile set up, yet.  It made me think these were desperate guys just looking for a quick hook up.  And then I couldn’t do anything until I verified my page with pictures and a photo ID, which is a good policy.  But all these pop-ups concerned me.  I could see five chat windows, but my profile said I only had 3 views, which doesn’t add up.  I started looking around this so-called sugar dating site some more to take a closer look at their terms of service and privacy policy.

Terms of Service

The first thing that struck me to be at least something uncommon for this dating site was the Love Stars program.  I must admit I hadn’t seen it anywhere else before.  So, basically Love Stars program according to the site’s Terms of Service, “You need to understand, recognize, and agree that some of the user profiles that have been posted on this dating site may be untrue or fabricated or bots related to our Love Stars (LS) program. Our Love Star works for the dating site in an effort to motivate dialogue with its users and to encourage user participation on the site and Services, advertisement of the site and its Services, and even the formation of user profiles.” What all this means is that there are fake SD profiles on this site, put on purpose!

The site claims it’s purely for entertainment purposes. Well, I’m definitely not here for entertainment. I am seeking a rich Sugar Daddy, not unresponsive bots and fakes that will just get in the way of my search.  I don’t want my rich POT to miss me just because he is not able to find me, either, because of all the fake Sugar Baby profiles on this site.  Basically, the whole reason for putting up all these fake Sugar Daddy profiles is to trick Sugar Babies to pay for premium membership, so as to initiate a message after they’ve “supposedly” viewed your profile. They are simply nothing more than complex computer programs designed to mock you and take your hard earned money.

Conclusion of Review

I was outraged by my experience with this sugar dating site. I give it just 1 Star. My complaints with this site include:

  • A doubtful privacy policy
  • Fake Sugar Daddy profiles
  • Admitted use of underhanded tactics to scam people out of money
  • Fake Sugar Baby profiles
  • Unconcealed statements on how they provide your information out to third parties

Find Sugar Babies is clearly just a scam site.  It might actually help desperate men and women searching for a quick hook up for anonymous sex, but I’d be willing to bet that’s hard to make happen, too.  The live cam option just screams pornography site.  One could argue that the cam option is great for speaking one on one and face to face, but I suspect it’s just a ruse for cam girls. is a waste of money and dangerous for your privacy and well-being.  I would avoid this scam Sugar Daddy dating site.   I suspect even a generic dating site would be more useful than this one.  If you browse my reviews, you’ll see I’ve had better luck with several other sites for FREE.

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