– Weird name, but is it a weird sugar dating site?

Let’s face it, meeting the perfect match online, who is good enough, is tough these days. Social Media is full of all those fake profiles and scammers, and fortunately, there are a number of apps and dating websites to help you out. At least that’s what they claim to do. For all who want to try sugar dating and spending some quality time with their POT partners, is a nice app to try out.  It’s got a weird name and some of the site’s pages could use a good pass through a proofreader, but it’s easy to use and inexpensive.  For this and a few more reasons, the site gets a 3 Stars. Here’s why. Read along to find out more about this dating site.

As a college student and blogger, I’m obviously pretty good at writing, and when I see an error or two on professional sites, it always makes me roll my eyes that their writers and editors have missed things, but it happens to us all once in awhile.  However when I see repeated grammar errors on a site’s home page, it’s a bit of a turn off.  For me, it means they aren’t being careful and/or don’t have the funds to hire top quality writers or editors.  So, where else are they cutting corners?   But, the Sudy app has claimed to have wealthy and beautiful members from all around the world with most of the members being primarily hot and rich Sugar Daddies, including doctors, Hollywood celebrities, lawyers, investors, hot supermodels, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and many other people from different backgrounds looking for love. Whether the app is being used by a good looking college student or a wealthy rich guy laying on his boat, the app has the potential to be beneficial to all.  So, I decided to brush aside my concerns about their English skills and dig deeper. Signing up and Creating a Profile

Initially we had to take a look at the site’s sign up process. Well, I must say signing up to this site is quite simple, and I had no problems creating my account. It’s probably the only good thing the dating site will offer you as a rookie to the dating site. They require an email address, or a Sugar Baby can choose to use their Facebook account.  After the sign up, one is usually taken through the making up of her profile with some standard things like height, age, location, and an option whether to add a profile picture or not and a heading/title to assist one’s profile look appealing.  The next step is usually doing a typical introduction that describes you as a Sugar Baby and what are your preferences and interests are in life. This is always important, as it will be what your POT Sugar Daddies will be seeing when deciding if you might be the Sugar Baby for them.

Website Features

Sudy has packed some amazing features that you can enjoy on your smartphone. The app is specially crafted so that rich Sugar Daddies can find hot Sugar Babies socially online. To get started with all the love exchanging, you’ll need to install the app on your device. So let’s get started. The Sudy App is available for both Android and iOS and could be downloaded for free from the official website. The app is strictly restricted to people above 18 years of age and people can start finding their true match directly from the application.

Within a few seconds, the app should be ready to use. You can begin by simply logging in using Facebook, or you can directly register with an email registration. The company guarantees that all the registered members would be authentic and will be verified accordingly. So, you can easily trust the security provided by the app ecosystem.

Now is the time to forget all the other lousy dating apps because Sudy App is here for all the Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies to find true love and good looking people nearby. You can find the interested ones near your location, and you can also chat with them free of cost.

  • Find and Meet beautiful single sugar daddies and babies nearby. The app promises to deliver an immense experience by maintaining a goodwill among the users. Since most of the Sudy members are supposedly established millionaires, it becomes quite easy for single girls to find Sugar Daddies.
  • The Sugar/ Coin system allows you to highlight yourselves from other people. The sugars are simply gifts that you can send someone you like. It would appear on your profile, and you makes your profile higher ranked. The same goes for the Coins as well, and you can buy more coins through an in-app purchase.
  • With a familiar interface like Tinder, that Sudy calls Tapit, you can quickly swipe right to like other people or swipe left to pass them, anonymously, and if both of the users would swipe right each other, then they would be instantly matched. You can chat with the person quickly using images, audio messages and emoji for the fee.

Pricing & Membership Plan

Offering several remarkable features, Sudy offers you different payments so as to access every features of the premium account with three subscription options for you. You can be on the free account, of course, but to access the other special functionalities, you’ll have to buy the approved membership. The charges vary depending on if one is a Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy.

Premium Subscriptions for Sugar Daddies on monthly basis:

  • $59.99/month for a one-month VIP membership
  • $39.99/month for a three-month VIP membership
  • $29.99/month for a six-month VIP membership

Premium Subscriptions for Sugar Babies on monthly basis:

  • $9.99/month for 1-month Membership
  • $7.99/month for 3-month Membership
  • $4.99/month for 6-month Membership

Recurrent Extra Fees

All was going good and then I discovered this whole mess with all these extra affiliated websites that I didn’t have any idea about from the start, the App has got extra fees for its users.  Now I know that a successful, POT wealthy Sugar Daddy is more than likely a busy man, but I don’t have the time to wait indefinitely for a response from a prospective POT SD.  Especially, when there’s no guarantee that the profile is even an active profile.  As a matter of fact, it will charge Sugar Babies an extra fee of checking when the profile was last active!  It’s just ridiculous.  That really adds up when trying to know if a profile is worth bothering or not.  I’m in search for wealthy Sugar Daddies that will take care of me, why would this sugar site think that it means I want to spend my own money on them?  It is hard enough to find an attractive and interesting POT on this site.  You’d think they’d have some way of checking for inactive profiles and removing them from the search option.  Who wants to have their time wasted with inactive Sugar Daddy profiles?

Conclusion of Review

Sudy has a lot of potential and isn’t terribly expensive, but some of the careless editing on the site, affiliate sites, and hidden extra fees earn it a midline 3 Stars.  There are much better sites out there, but there are sites that are far worse, too.  If you’re going to be on multiple sugar dating sites, it would be worth it to have this one on your list, but I wouldn’t use it exclusively.

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