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The sugar dating scene has increased in a couple of years, and actually, it’s becoming a norm. These sugar dating sites have increased as there is a lot more young college women taking advantage of the opportunities available for being a Sugar Baby. Today, we take a look at which is one of the many sugar dating sites on the web these days. Frequently most of these sites have different purposes where they want to link young, hot Sugar Babies to rich Sugar Daddies via online sites. We can say that through these sugar dating sites there has been an increase in the number of matches. However, despite that, it has its upsides, it actually has two sides of the coin. Most of the users have given different views of it. These groundbreaking sites have often received a lot of criticism.

Membership Options

It’s not unusual for these sites charge Sugar Babies a certain fee in order to access their services, but many are free to draw in more young Sugar Babies. Sugar Daddy Scene is one that has both a free account and a premium membership, but since you can’t do much more than just look around the site with a free account, it’s sort of useless.  A premium membership costs $25.

Search Results

Sugar Daddies who are found on this site some may not be millionaires or rich, rather they are quite average men that you might find anywhere in society. This is one of the things that may disappoint a potential Sugar Baby. Despite the name, Sugar Daddy Scene doesn’t seem to be popular and doesn’t have a lot of members, which limits your chances of finding a match and makes paying for it less worthwhile.

Site Appearance

On the Sugar Daddy Scene, it’s not just the POT Sugar Daddies who are rather basic. Beginning with its graphics, which are really on the low end of quality, the overall site design is just not impressive. The graphics of this site make it look like that of a tacky 90’s website, which makes it less attractive. Normally these dating sites have enticing information on the landing page, but this particular sugar dating site doesn’t bother to do that.

Apart from the graphics, the site is filled with a lot of ad cams which makes you wonder if it’s really a sugar dating site, as it consists of a lot of ad cams which are filled with sexy pictures of ladies and flirts which is enticing to many men looking for nothing more than a hookup but isn’t usually found on legit sugar dating sites. A legit Sugar Daddy should avoid sites like this that look like porn sites, so a hopeful Sugar Baby should avoid this one, too!

Features are Outdated

When you have fully joined the site you begin to be charged fees. This happens through various ad cams which tend to cost you a lot of cash. This may be found to be like scamming the Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies just trying to find each other. Those on these sites should be careful not to fall into this trap.

The email system is really more like mini emails, which are rather less efficient than one would expect.

The search function on the site has, also, lost its meaning.  On Sugar Daddy Scene, the search function options only allow you to change the age and the distance.  Not having more filters makes running a useful search more frustrating. This makes the site nearly irrelevant as it’s impossible to add more information on the profile such as the description of what you do or what a Sugar Daddy does and what you like and, of course, you don’t see any useful information to determine what a POT SD is really like, either. This is one major downside to this sugar dating site.

Sex Focused

Frequently sugar dating sites are expected to present user profiles showing information that helps you decide if a POT SD is a good potential match, however, this site seems to be based on sex only. Many of the questions it asks you have to do with your sex life, sexual fantasies, and sexual interests.  Sugar dating is about much more than just a hookup, so it’s obvious this site’s designers don’t really understand what the real sugar dating scene is like.

The site can actually be known for sexual hookups rather than a sugar dating site, if you are looking for a mutually beneficial arrangement, please don’t use this so called sugar dating site or be careful when using it.


The site has a lot of scammers, whereby they might actually trick you into you giving them your credit information. They are very smart, and many end up in their trap. Usually, when you sign up you are given options on what package you want to upgrade to, with the premium going for $25 which may a be auto-renewed automatically, without you realizing it.

Conclusion of Review

Sugar Daddy Scene is definitely not worth your time and money. Most of the things that transpired there are not actually legit sugar dating practices. The Sugar Daddy profiles that are there aren’t actually those of rich men rather it’s just some fake average men. If you really are seeking a real Sugar Daddy, who is serious, you should flee from this site, as it’s based on sexual stuff, which is evident in the forms that you are asked to fill out. The site, also, isn’t the best for regular dating, either, as we can all agree on due to it having a lot of ad cams, which makes it look like a scam site which is promoting these adverts.  Check through my reviews to find legit sugar dating sites for Sugar Babies seeking real Sugar Daddies.

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