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Today we to look at  The sugar dating site is among the early pioneers of sugar dating sites and claims to have over 4 million subscribers with more Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies signing up every day.  However, it is a bit challenging to say whether all these Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby profiles are existent or even active accounts.  Sugar Daddy for Me should be rated at 3 Stars. It has plenty of potential, it, however, has a costly membership subscription with absurd extra fees. To acquire full details on the dating site experience, read on to find out more. Signing Up and Creating a Profile

Coming up with a Sugar Baby profile in this site is a bit of a stretchy process. I spent some time trying to figure out this. This, of course, shouldn’t be the case as most sugar dating sites have a quick and easy sign-up process in order to attract people to proceed with joining their sugar dating site.  This sugar dating site will start with asking some really necessary questions like whether you’re a Sugar Baby, Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mama or other options, also, whether you’re searching for a clandestine affair. You’ll then be asked for other information like your location, age, and other general features, you’ll also be asked for your income range, which I quite find it to be an unnecessary question, especially to ask a young Sugar Baby to provide.  Asking Sugar Daddies to provide their income range is very acceptable, but why would a sugar dating site ask a Sugar Baby her income range?  I’m in search of a wealthy Sugar Daddy to be mine, so I that I won’t need to worry over my personal income.  I’m on such a site looking for a Sugar Daddy, who will provide me with a good monthly allowance.  Moving on there’s the pervasive account upgrade page for a monthly subscription

Subscription Prices

While many sugar dating sites got some arrangement for upgrading their members’ accounts, the Sugar Daddy for Me sugar dating site has got more than 1 type, plus another odd add-on for a fee that I’ll be getting to in a moment.  There are 2 types of premium accounts: silver and gold.  The Silver membership is $29.95* a month, and the Gold membership fee is $34.95* a month.  The * is referring to an additional $5.95 administration fee that is charged to all monthly memberships, so in reality, Sugar Babies are looking at paying $35.90 for their Silver membership or $40.90 a month for a Gold membership, which is a bit sharp.

Membership Features

Silver Membership Features:

  • Receiving & Sending emails
  • limited email storage
  • No messenger history
  • Unlimited photos
  • Chat/Instant messenger
  • Emails that can be stored for 2 months

Gold Membership Features:

  • All Silver membership features
  • Unlimited email storage
  • Top location in searches
  • Profile highlighting
  • Messenger history
  • Quick profile approval
  • Smart match detection emails

In addition to the membership subscription, there’s also an extra fee for what Sugar Daddy for Me calls Total Access.  This is an additional $14.95 a month, “Total Access will allow non-paying members to reach to you and even reply to your mails!”  They want a Sugar Baby to pay for non-membership paying Sugar Daddies to contact and respond to her.  This is just ridiculous.  If a Sugar Daddy can’t pay their site fees, what will he pay for you comfortably?

Website Search Results

After some digging around with this sugar dating site, any determined Sugar Baby may still do a search for profiles.  Most of the POT Sugar Daddies in this site seem very attractive and very upfront on what they’re looking for in a Sugar Baby.  As a young Sugar Baby seeking a rich older man to date, I found a number of what seemed like likely candidates.  The Sugar Daddy profiles seemed active mostly.  Other reviews of this dating site have claimed that the site has got many ghost profiles, fake profile,s and worst of all scammers.  Including repeat scammers who target Sugar Babies by giving false promises to give them huge allowances

Most of the good/positive reviews came from happy Sugar Daddies who landed on a great mutually beneficial match. Many of the happy rich Sugar Daddies seem genuinely confused by all the rest of the bad ratings, since they had such a good time in finding a perfect Sugar Baby.  It seems so clear that the site does work, but that there’s a lot of things to sort through the bad to find the good, at least on the part of the ambitious Sugar Baby.

Conclusion of Review

My overall review of this mutually beneficial dating site Sugar Daddy for Me is a midline 3 Stars.  The sugar dating website has got plenty of good looking and active Sugar Daddy profiles, and a quick Google search can find a lot of couples who used it successfully when entering into a mutually beneficial dating relationship, especially rich Sugar Daddies who were looking to date attractive young Sugar Babies.  However, on the flip side of the coin, the site’s customer support services lacks some important aspects and the sugar dating site is rather costly for most Sugar Babies with wanting a monthly membership charge for any use of the website, an inexplicable total access fee, and some kind of an admin fee.  Making subscribers pay for non-subscribers to get access is a quite an odd thing to do, and something I’ve not seen on any other sugar dating site.  Some reviews suggest that there have been some policy changes in the last number of years which caused this site problems, too.  It’s hard to argue with success, though, so it might be worth taking a chance and giving it a shot.  If you’re still not certain about the site, make sure to check out my next review to weigh in on if we have found any better sugar dating sites for your perfect match in the sugar dating world.

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