WhatsYourPrice.com – Just the name of this site is a big red flag no-no!

As days go by, we see the uprising of many sugar dating sites, which all have some creative aspect to them, trying to set themselves apart from other sugar dating sites. WhatsYourPrice.com has definitely come up with a unique idea to base their site around, however, a pay-to-play scenario is not true to the ideal SD/SB relationship.  Generally, if a POT SD is asking your price, what he’s really looking for is an escort or even a high-end prostitute.  It’s clear that this site is not encouraging LTA.  However, if you’re intrigued by the idea, read on as we did deeper into the site and how it works.

WhatsYourPrice.com: What to Expect

On the What’s Your Price, you will be able to find different bidders, which is how people get dates. It is totally free to sign up for it, so that’s nice. After you have created a profile you are going to be able to make a search then start bidding from as low as $5.  Yes, that’s right, to reach out to a Sugar Daddy on this site, you have suggest what you’d pay him!!  Otherwise, you have to just sit and wait for someone to make you an offer.  If you receive an offer, your only options are accept or decline.  You can’t message them until you’ve accepted, so negotiating is awkward.

Meeting a match doesn’t mean you have a match

Similar to any other sugar dating site, not everybody you get to meet is actually the perfect and compatible Sugar Daddy partner. As you enroll, there are different types of people and there are those who get the thumbs up, if they actually are your type. Despite the fact that there are a lot of scammers out here, there are people who actually are real on this site, but it’s hard to tell who is who because the information provided is so limited, and you can’t message a POT SD to get to know what he’s like.

Is It Worth It?

If you aren’t terribly picky and are willing to go out with anyone for quick cash, this might be the sugar dating site for you.  Some Sugar Babies just getting started like doing a pay-to-play type arrangement because they earn cash quicker, but if a mutually beneficial arrangement is your goal, you shouldn’t get hooked on a pay-to-play arrangement.  It’s too close to illegal prostitution to be safe.

Site’s Terminology

What’s Your Price works in a way that they are able to connect a buyer and a seller. however they have created their own terms to describe users, such as a generous member and beautiful members.

Generous members are those wealthy Sugar Daddies who have the money and are looking for an attractive Sugar Daddy to actually go on a date with, whereby they search and when they get the match they want they bid and give their starting price, then negotiations actually begin, supposedly.  However, when I started receiving bids, there wasn’t a counter offer option, only accept or decline.  So, I guess negotiating is just done by declining until they guess your price.

Beautiful members are young Sugar Babies, who are contacted by the generous members in order to be paid to go out with them. When an attractive Sugar Baby is chosen, the bid is normally given to them, and they are at a liberty to either agree or decline the offer. They say you can even go a step further and suggest a price, but I did not see an option to actually do that.  After a bid is accepted, you can then start chatting with your POT SD to make the arrangements to meet.  The profile information is very limited, so there’s very little you can learn about a new Sugar Daddy before you agree to go out with him, which seems dangerous and counterproductive, since it’s a waste of time to go out with someone that you would have passed on if you’d known more about them.

Pricing & Refund Policy

After you have signed in to the account, there are various features that you can get to use. The account actually offers you updates about your recent matches, if you are a member. You can hide your profile, if you’re going to be inactive for a bit, and view when POT Sugar Daddies were last online.  However, to get a verification of the profile, you have to pay a $50 fee, which is ridiculous.

The What’s Your Price cash policy is based on credits not money, and they come in packages. Some of the rates are:

  • $50 = 100 credits
  • $150 = 450 credits
  • $250 = 1,000 credits
  • Member verification = additional $50

Whichever package you choose depends on you and the credits increase as you increase the money. These payments are normally done through Credit Card, Alternate Payment Method, MoneyGram, and Money Orders.  All these transactions are strictly non-refundable.


According to the theory behind this site, it enables wealthy Sugar Daddies to pay upfront for a date with a beautiful Sugar Baby.  The concept is appealing to many Sugar Daddies who are new to the idea of a Sugar Baby and haven’t figured out that there are better ways to find a mutually beneficial arrangement.  If you’re looking to make quick cash, and you’re willing to date anyone, this is an easy way to do it.


The profile information displayed is really limited, and the inability to communicate with a POT SD before accepting their bid is really weird and me feel extremely uncomfortable.  And I’m not sure it speaks well of a Sugar Daddy to be willing to bid on a POT SB he knows practically nothing about.  On top of that, I had many bids come from people who were not local, leading me to wonder how a date would work?  I couldn’t ask if they were going to be coming to my area, if they were expecting me to come to them, or, what I really suspected, that this would be a “virtual” date, which I suspect means they are hoping for a cam show.

Conclusion of Review

I just can’t see how this site is a good idea.  It’s extremely limited, and the whole idea is really questionable.  It seems more like a workaround for escorts and prostitutes than a site for real Sugar Babies seeking legit Sugar Daddies for a mutually beneficial arrangement.  Check back for reviews of real sugar dating sites for Sugar Babies seeking wealthy older men.

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